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Master of the Game (Demons of Elysium 3) by Jane Kindred at Samhain Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Angels/Demons / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 15-September-2014

Book Blurb

Love is the ultimate game changer…and this time it’s winner take all.

Now that his lover is back in his arms, Belphagor is taking his own sweet time to say the words Vasily longs to hear: “You’re my boy.” And savoring the sweet torture of driving the firespirit into a frenzy of unfulfilled need.

As the undisputed master of Heaven’s gaming tables, Belphagor never plays unless he’s certain of winning. But this time, political machinations send the game—and Vasily—tumbling to the brink of even his formidable control.  

Vasily can’t deny enjoying their delightfully edgy play—until the airspirit auctions him off for a night to the one demon with a gift for taking things too far. Seductive Silk, tight-lipped about the end of his relationship with the sweet submissive Phaleg, may also be involved with a new faction threatening the pregnant queen of Heaven.

Belphagor couldn’t be less interested in the games angels play, but when angelic and demonic intrigues overlap, he’s drawn in against his will. And forced to break his one inviolable rule: Never gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

Product Warnings: Contains more than a mouthful of m/m ménage, with intense D/s situations featuring intricate rope work, balaklavas, and a flurry of snow.


Book Review

This fine third installment of the bewitching ‘Demons of Elysium’ series is sure to delight those following the dynamic and spicy demon-play romance of the two previous books. While I heartily recommend newcomers start the series at its beginning, the author has woven in a goodly amount of detail from the previous storylines and I believe ‘Master of the Game’ could stand on its own very nicely.

Airspirit, Belphagor, and his hot lover, Vasily the firespirit, are back—and back together—although they are testing the boundaries of their love by delaying the formalization of their tumultuous Master/boy relationship. Providing an engaging second storyline, former demon boy-prostitute extraordinaire, Silk, struggles to come to terms with his feelings for his latest conquest, Phaleg, the exquisite angel who loves nothing more than to be dominated by  a demon—well, by Silk anyway.

The relationships of both couples undergo trial after trial as the political environment of Heaven pits angel and demon against demons and angels alike. A scheme to overthrow the Elysium rule is afoot. Forced into a game with the highest of stakes to save innocent lives, Belphagor also agrees to assist Phaleg with an unsettling problem that endangers any hope the sweet angel has for a love life. Pressured by his superiors, Phaleg has reluctantly agreed to investigate Silk, who may be in league with the instigators of the pending overthrow attempt.

The charismatic foursome’s attempts to foil schemes, plan rescues, and navigate the fragile political environment of Elysium, provides much fodder for misunderstandings between lovers and friends, and makes for a clever and crafty tale that I quite enjoyed.

Vasily again goes undercover and has to put up with the lavish attentions of a new want-to-be-lover: the lusty demon Gaspard.  But a greater threat to his well-being is the villainous Virtue angel whose secret meetings Gaspard hosts, in a jaded attempt to better himself. Meanwhile Belphagor learns that those he thought lost in his adventure from book two, may yet be saved—if his skill at the winecasting table holds up.

While it was terrific visiting with Belphagor and Vasily again, the greater pleasure for me was the tender, rough and tumble relationship between Silk and Phaleg. I loved learning about their individual backgrounds and the emotional reasoning behind their fear of commitment. I also got to take another “fall’ to the land of Man, which made for a splendid completeness to their enthralling story. Other characters from the previous books make engaging appearances, most notably, the evil but cunning Kerzef, the sexy, prostitute demon Khai, and Belphagor’s pack of rescued child demons—who undergo pickpocket training!

Kudos to Jane Kindred’s wordplay, which attained new heights of delight; many of her descriptive passages had me smiling and rereading them for the sheer poetry of the sentences. There is plenty of heat, scorch, and romance woven throughout a storyline that sometimes gets a little tricky, what with all the intrigues and schemes, but all in all—a wonderful read.

Thank you Jane Kindred for this captivating third in an exciting and eventful series.
“Hot, Spirited, Love!”





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