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Masochist's Choice (Sun, Sea and Submission 5) by Kim Dare at Resplendence Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 06-June-2013

Book Blurb

Masochist Wanted: A position has become available as an assistant to Mr. Fulton Hollingsworth. The successful applicant will be physically fit and willing to obey orders quickly and efficiently. Full training will be given. However, a man with a natural tendency toward both masochism and exhibitionism will find himself at an advantage.
Firm friends Todd and Ash have worked at Pendragon Bay Hotel for months but only ever in the vanilla side of the resort. Neither man has any kind of kinky experience under his belt, but that’s not going to stop either of them applying for the job.
When the selection process starts, each man only becomes more and more certain that his friend is completely unsuitable for the job, but it’s too late to back out now. Once Mr. Hollingsworth has a paddle in his hand, it’s soon clear that nothing is ever going to be the same for Todd or Ash.


Book Review

With a title that reveals who really holds the power in any safe/sane/consensual D/s relationship, this is a story that describes how one "pain-curious" man realizes his potential with the unexpected help of a job application. While there are some funny observations and bits that made me smile because Todd is just so clueless, the real message is a little more serious. The whole makes for a great mix, and some very hot first-time kinkiness for both partners in this developing relationship.

Todd may be the one who is being paddled or flogged, but he is the one who holds the power. Ash, who is just beginning to discover his dominant side, may understand that in theory, but it takes him a while to truly internalize what that means. Todd gets it on an instinctual level, and his rebellion against Ash just telling him what to do "without giving anything back", without giving Todd the emotional attachment he craves, is a big warning sign. Ash totally misses the point, but the Dom they are applying for a job with gets it all and masterfully directs them to where they need to be. 

Ash is a Dom to the core. He may think he is vanilla, but his whole demeanor, his behavior toward Todd (and anyone else for that matter) just screams "dominant" to me. Ash takes a little longer to realize that he needs to get over his inhibitions if he ever wants to stand a chance for more than friendship with Todd. The main thing holding him back is that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone; it takes realizing that it's not "hurting" in the traditional sense if his partner enjoys what Ash does to him. Once he gets that, and sees how much Todd loves what is being done to him, there is no stopping Ash.

The passion between Todd and Ash, once unleashed, is palpable. The different way they react to the "test paddling" they undergo for the job interview is brilliant, and really makes the point about the difference between a masochist and someone who is not into pain. After the exact same paddling, Ash is uncomfortable, hates it, and cannot sit still; Todd, on the other hand, enjoys the lingering feelings of pain and heat.  If you like stories about men discovering their kinky side, if you like reading about the process of discovery, and if you're looking for a read that is as hot as it is fascinating, then you will probably like this novella. I think it is an amazing look at the whole Dom vs. sub question.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 63 pages/19902 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-June-2013
Price $3.99 ebook
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