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Mask of the Highwaywoman by Niamh Murphy at NIM Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Historical / 19th Century / Mercenary/Robber/Highwayman / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 09-March-2015

Book Blurb

Evelyn Thackeray, the spirited daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, is en route to meet her future husband, when a gang of vicious outlaws attacks her stagecoach. In spite of Evelyn’s terror, she is intrigued by the leader of the gang, a beautiful Highwaywoman called Bess. Increasingly entranced by Bess and the prospect of adventure, Evelyn puts up little resistance when she is kidnapped. However, she begins to suspect there is a lot more to her captor than she initially thought and what started as a light-hearted escapade rapidly turns into a desperate escape and a frantic struggle for survival.


Book Review

This story takes place in England back when travel was done by carriage and the possibility of being attacked by highwaymen was a real threat. However, so much more is going on here. The intricacies are quite fascinating and the outcome is delightfully stupefying. I recommend this for folks who like to step back in time, be entranced, and thrown off guard. Divertingly entertaining!

Evelyn finds herself traveling alone to Cambridge to visit an old friend. Although she is recently engaged and her wedding is being planned by her oh so charming husband to be, he suggests that she visit her friend who was recently married so Evelyn can see what might very well be her future. Since the wedding has been delayed many more times than Evelyn thought reasonable, this shift in venue and focus feels perfect to ease her discomfort. Oh my. This trip is nothing like Evelyn anticipated and has her and her fellow travelers scrambling for their very lives at times. Although she finds herself awash in fear and despair, she gets to meet the highwaywoman and finds her world rocked. What a series of encounters, trials, and life-shattering events. Startling!

Evelyn (and I) eventually get to encounter the highwaywoman and learn that her name is Bess. Bess is a rather sweet enigma wrapped in a formfitting disguise for the road that somewhat has her blending in with her highwayman colleagues and initially she is masked as they are. All my natural expectations of what was happening and who was whom, which I believed I probably shared with Evelyn, were eventually thrown to the winds. Along with Evelyn, I was constantly losing my balance and a sense of perspective largely because the highwaywoman is so difficult to get a handle on and nothing that unfolds could possibly have been anticipated. Disconcerting and exhausting, it was also exciting and extremely challenging. These twists and turns more than elevated the excitement. For me, they put this book in a class by itself! Mind-boggling!

I definitely recommend this story to all with a touch of daring in their souls, romance in their hearts, and a willingness to be startled, and sometimes unnerved. Intriguingly sublime!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 157 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-February-2015
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