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Marked by the Queen by George Loveland in Starstruck Anthology at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 22-January-2018

Book Blurb

When Jake enters his favorite London pub, he doesn’t expect to see one of the stars of the TV show The Queens. Shelley Gardens takes him to the stage and leaves more than a lipstick impression on Jake. Jake makes sure he’s in the front row when Shelley performs the following night.

When Shelley introduces Jake to Andrew, the man underneath the makeup, Jake is smitten. But his jealousy of another man being marked by the queen threatens their new relationship. Jake must prove to Andrew—and Shelley—that he’s interested in something deeper than the sparkling surface.

Book Review

In line with the theme of this anthology, ‘Marked by the Queen’ features one main character who is a star – Shelley, a drag queen of some fame. Jake sees her perform and is basically smitten right then and there. But as it turns out, dating someone in the public eye can be more complicated than Jake expected…

While things between Jake and Shelly quickly evolve to the point where she lets him meet Andrew, not someone many people get to see, there are a few obstacles between them that Jake did not expect. He and Andrew get along well, but some of the things Shelly does onstage – strictly as part of her performance – are more difficult for Jake to deal with. They both have to build trust before they can move on, and, much like in the real world, that is not as easy as it sounds.

If you like stories about performers and the issues they can face in their personal relationships, if you think that love is worth the effort some relationships require, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with a touch of drama and a beautiful ending, then you will probably like this short story.





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Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Short Story, 30 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-September-2016
Price $6.99 ebook, $17.99 paperback, $17.99 bundle
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