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Lust for Vengeance (Big Deal 1) by Katsura and Yuramei at Ai Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Yaoi/Manga
Reviewed by Alex on 14-March-2013

Book Blurb

Bank robbers, bordellos and a whole lot of bed-hopping, as British black comedy meets Yaoi in a head on collision.

Fergus Campbell is straight out of prison with only one thought in his mind, to pay back his former friend and partner in crime, Judas MacGregor for stitching him up and sending him there in the first place. What he least expects on his return to his old haunts, is to fall head over heels in love with Mikhail, the stunningly beautiful owner of the best little whorehouse in town.

After one night of bliss with Mikhail, Fergus resolves to make the blond bombshell his own. But there is one thing that stands in the way between him and a relationship with the man of his dreams. He is already married the psychotic young alcoholic, Hugo. Although their marriage has been falling apart for years, the spoiled Hugo won’t let go of his meal ticket so easily. What follows can only be a wild ride of lust, mayhem and revenge!

Book Review

Refreshingly original, captivating, enchanting, hot and endearing in equal measure, this splendid joyride into the intimate lives of a  gang of small-time hoodlums is a must-read for all lovers of quirky, action-filled crime dramas…and anyone else with a taste for beautiful, rough and tumble, wise-cracking men who carry guns and aren’t afraid to use them. I loved this novel and hardly know where to begin; this is a treat which one has to taste to garner the mouthwatering pleasures contained within its pages.
Beautifully paced, with stellar illustrations from the talented Yuramei, the action of the story takes place somewhere in the United Kingdom. The authors were kind enough to place a nice little glossary in the beginning of the book for readers not familiar with the UK jargon, like “The Nick”, meaning prison. But I only glanced at it and had no problem catching every nuance of this humorous dark comedy.

I entered the novel to meet top gang member Judas MacGregor, a fair-haired, blue-eyed lad with an astounding appetite for sexual gratification. Fortunately Judas has been blessed with enough charisma and magnetism to ensure that his needs are more than met. Playful and easygoing, the only thing smarter than Judas’s mouth is his snappy fashion sense; think fur coats and snakeskin shoes. Always willing to speak his mind, and always on the edge of getting it slapped shut, Judas manages to slip out of the tightest situations with the ease of an otter, but when cornered handles his business with a no-nonsense grace that made me fall for him…lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.

Next up was the gun toting, Fergus Campbell. He’s the dark-haired heir to the larger Campbell gang, as well as the leader of the small crew of gangsters on which this novel is based. He’s just been released from prison and has a bone to pick with his stand-in gang leader and long-time friend, Judas. Fergus is a straight-shooter, except, well, he’s having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he’s not as straight as he’s been taught he should be. In a rash move, he got married to a man before he went in the big house and runs into a conflict of the heart upon viewing beautiful, effeminate brothel owner, Mikhail. Fergus is hot; a tough man, made up of equal parts villain and dreamboat, which just made my day, but throw in his endearing inner confusion, and I’d be hard pressed to choose which of these two leads I liked more.

The novel is full of well detailed, colorful supporting characters, most notably Vinny, an ex-junkie, who also has just been released from prison and is Judas’s best man. And then there is Hugo. Fergus’s neurotic young husband, alternates his obsessive tendencies between his husband and his little no-name dog. Serving as an introduction to all of the players, this first book of the series is a delight and I loved the slow reveal of the ticks, traits and pet peeves of each gang member.

Major points to the authors for putting together this truly unique, multi-dimensional and bewitching novel. It is skillfully crafted, with exquisite illustrations, detailed plots and settings, hot sex scenes, nuance, charm, and a cast of tough, lively characters; each holding an alluring vulnerability that will make you believe that somewhere, out there in the big, old UK… these guys may truly exist.
I want to thank the authors, Katsura and Yuramei, for making this novel the first of a series, because I’ve fallen hard for these guys and want more, badly… In a word, this book is um, addictive...




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