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Love With A Side Order Of Pelicans by Barry Lowe at Lydian Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-August-2014

Book Blurb

Why does he feel so strange when he’s given love the bird?

For months, single dad Travis Black has promised his young daughter, Penny, he will take her to see the feeding of the pelicans on the coast but when they are delayed in traffic and miss the show she throws a hissy fit of major proportions. At a loss how to handle Penny’s tantrum, Travis is befriended by town vet, Spike Donovan, who wins Penny’s affections by showing her his animal sanctuary where he is caring for an injured pelican named Pontus. It’s love at first sight between Penny and Pontus, and even Travis, who has sworn off love, feels a strange attraction to the Pelican Whisperer.


Book Review

It is pretty much accepted wisdom that it’s hard to find someone to love who loves you back. Some people may have it easier than others, but those are not the ones whose story gets written up in a romance novel.

Travis, one of the main characters and the narrator of this story, has two big obstacles he needs to overcome. One, he has a five-year-old daughter who seems to hate every woman he introduces to her; it may have to do with the fact that her mother dumped and divorced Travis because he wasn’t earning enough money, then packed her stuff and vanished never to be seen again. Not a way to impress your child! I am not surprised Penny isn’t chomping at the bit to get a “new mommy”. Travis’s second issue is much worse: it is his own perception. He is bisexual, always has been, but finds it much easier to “go with societal flow”, so to speak, and look for a woman as a partner. Never mind he never really likes any of them, and never mind all signs point to the fact he is falling in lust, if not in love, with Spike. In his stubborn head, he has to find and marry another woman. Sheesh!

Spike is a vet, and in charge of the pelican feeding program Penny is such a fan of. He is attracted to Travis, and really likes Penny, despite her willful ways. He is also very understanding of Travis’s need to make money (after the ex cleaned him out financially), but he has his limits. Spike agrees with Penny that Travis does need to take the occasional break, and he wishes they could get closer than the few hot weekend encounters they have shared. But when Travis keeps stalling and distancing himself, Spike tells him enough is enough, and to either admit what they are to each other, or leave him alone.

It takes a major eye-opener for Travis to get the message, but when he does? Let’s just say that the ending made me vey happy! If you’re looking for a cute story about a stubborn man with a cute kid, if you like reading about everyday men with everyday issues but extraordinary love for each other, and if you’re looking for a sweet read with some hot action, and lots of laughs, then you wil probably like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 14322 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-August-2014
Price $2.99 ebook
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