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Love Slave for Two (Love Slave for Two 1) by Tymber Dalton at Siren Publishing

Genre Bisexual / Contemporary / Menage MMF / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-December-2014

Book Blurb

Nevvie Barton has never truly felt loved or like she belonged anywhere--ever. Abandoned by her adopted family and trapped in an abusive relationship, she takes a job with Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey as their cleaning girl.

Nevvie knows her fantasies about "the boys" will always be just that--the two handsome men are devoted, loving life-partners. Then Tyler and Thomas fall in love with Nevvie and hatch a secret plan to seduce her and make her their permanent third.

For the first time in her life, she feels attractive and wanted. When they ask her to move in and be their personal assistant, Nevvie jumps at the chance. Her planned escape doesn't go without a hitch, and the boys must rescue her from a brutal man who would rather kill her than let her go.

Can Tyler and Thomas heal Nevvie's wounded body and soul and prove to her that she really is their dream come true?


Book Review

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but being a love slave to two gorgeous, intelligent, kind, compassionate, and loving men is a fantasy I've had, often. As I'm a fan of Tymber Dalton, it stood to reason that I would be intrigued by 'Love Slave for Two', based on the description alone.

Tyler and Thomas have been together for twelve years. They're both bi, although Nevvie thinks they're gay. After six months of her as their cleaning lady, both men are in love with her, and want her with them, forever. Now, how to make that happen? Well, Tyler is, as Thomas calls him, the "evil genius", and they work to convince Nevvie they want her to move in, permanently, and be their personal assistant, helping with both of their jobs. The men help rescue her from her abusive boyfriend, get her moved in, and start working on Nevvie accepting they love her, and that she deserves to be spoiled, and treated like a princess. Of course, they haven't told her they're bi, yet, as they might need to ease her into that knowledge, and the relationship they really want.

Tyler is British born, a former professor, and a full-time author. Thomas is from Georgia, a good Southern boy, who owns his own architecture firm. As much as they love each other, Nevvie brings something, to each of them that's been missing. She loves to help Thomas work on his old truck, or go to hockey games with him. Tyler would've gone, but he doesn't love it the way Thomas and Nevvie do. The reverse is also true, as Nevvie and Tyler take a ballroom dancing class together, while Thomas can barely sway on the dance floor. She fills the little holes that neither even knew were there.

Considering the fact that I believe this is one of the author's earlier published works, I think she did a very good job. There were some things that didn't ring true for me, and it dragged in a few places, however, I enjoyed the story. I really liked Tyler and Thomas, but had a little trouble with Nevvie. That, though, is due to my own dislike of women I perceive as not being "strong". Nevvie is strong, in her own way, and she most definitely shows it in the end.

An enjoyable read from an author I'm beginning to really appreciate for her surprising level of variety in her books. A book that I can definitely recommend.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 444 pages/127000 words
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Publication Date 01-November-2008
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