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Love Sexy (True Blood Mate 3) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-April-2013

Book Blurb

Logan Stone lives a lonely existence as the beta of his wolf clan. It's his job to protect his people and follow out the orders of his alpha. That doesn't leave much time to find a mate or fill the empty hole in his heart. When he spots a set of sexy eyes staring at him during the moon festival, Logan knows he has met his mate.

Finding Love Star is not as easy as keeping him. Love may be fascinated by all things wolf but when Logan goes feral during their mating, Love runs for his life. Logan has to call for help to find Love, only discover his mate is hiding right under his nose at the Stone Clan compound.

Instead of convincing Love of the merits of being mated to a wolf, Logan has to depend on Love to protect himself even as he tries to shield the man from the dangerous world he has just entered. If they survive the interference of well meaning friends and a coyote shifter bent on killing Love, they just might have a chance of finding out what fate has planned for them.

Book Review

This is a very cute, very funny story. Just this side of over-the-top (for me), the two main characters are the usual big/strong wolf and smaller human. But with a nice variation, in that Love, the small guy, is anything but submissive. He is head strong, a total brat at times and so overly concerned with his appearance it's funny.

The way Logan reacts to him on a purely instinctual level is the "usual werewolf insta-love", strengthened by the mate bond. But Logan also accepts Love's every eccentricity. I liked that message about true love: no matter how crazy others may think Love is, Logan loves him just the way he is. How many of us have wished we'd find someone like that? Or have a friend who just doesn't seem to 'fit' and wants to find love and acceptance like that - just like everyone else?

If you like your heroes a little out-of-the-ordinary, don't mind some tongue-in-cheek humor and adore werewolves you will probably like this book.





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Format ebook
Length Novel192 pages/54735 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-March-2011
Price $6.50 ebook
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