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Love in La Terraza by Ethan Day at Resplendence Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-September-2012

Book Blurb

Cain Elliott is a desperate man – on the brink of losing La Terraza, the 1920’s Spanish style courtyard apartment complex his grandmother left him in her will, he’s faced with the option of selling to a real estate developer or losing the building outright, due to the costs of upkeep that have now left him teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. One setback after another has slowly whittled away any hope he’d been harboring to turn the tides. Having time for little else in life, Cain’s guilt over his failure to protect the home of those who reside within the walls of La Terraza has crippled his spirit.

On the partnership fast-track at the flashy architectural firm of Hamilton-Bach, Henry Abrams is new in town, a little lonely and looking for inspiration. Tired of games and longing for something real, Henry discovers the road to happiness could lie in the arms of the sad, uncomplicated Cain Elliott.

Discovering that Hamilton-Bach represents the mysterious entrepreneur attempting to purchase La Terraza, combined with the self-doubt and mistrust over a love that develops too fast, leave both men struggling to decide whether or not they can truly find…Love in La Terraza.

Book Review

Delightfully funny, yet with enough conflict and angst to keep me interested, this story about Cain, an embattled apartment building owner, and Henry, the noble architect, this story is a mystery and RomCom all mixed into one. The secondary characters are as funny and quirky as the main characters, the setting is beautiful with enough descriptive details to make me feel I was there, and the unfolding drama of the bad guys about to take over had me wishing I could jump into the book and kick… some sense into them.


Cain may be desperate to save the building he has inherited from his grandmother, but he still manages to have fun. He is also an inspiration to his tenants, and never whines for a moment. I admired his tenacious willingness to try everything, his refusal to give up despite the odds being totally against him, and was happy for him when meets Henry. The man is clearly good for him, succeeding to make him laugh yet helping him to gain clarity about what he needs to do to save "La Terraza".


Henry is a great guy, even though it takes him a while to figure out what is going on. He is good for Cain, devoted and loyal, not to mention exactly what Cain needs between the sheets. His career as an architect is important to him, but it never seemed to overpower him. As soon as he figures out what is going on he does the right thing, and the fact that he prioritizes his relationship with Cain over everything else made me smile. He is exactly the guy Cain needs and deserves.


These two are hilarious together, yet they are also very clearly in love with each other, almost from the start. Cain just happening to be cleaning some drawers when Henry might need space for his "spare" clothes that seem to have taken up residence in Cain's apartment made me laugh. The pain each of them feels when it looks as if the bad guys will win and everything threatens to fall apart under the pressure Cain is under had me yelling at them not to be stupid.


If you like stories that make you laugh, if you enjoy reading about very lifelike characters who are not always as clever or well-spoken as you might expect, and if some underhanded manipulations from the bad guys are a s likely to make you laugh (once they have been vanquished, of course), you will probably like this book as much as I did.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 123 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-September-2012
Price $4.99 ebook
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