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Love in G Minor by Sean Michael at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-November-2016

Book Blurb

Sometimes a third is exactly what a pair needs.

Stephen and Jack play a lot. These long-time lovers are constantly testing boundaries, fighting a delicious battle for control. When they meet young waiter Benji, they’re both intrigued. Such innocence doesn’t come along often and they decide Benji is the best thing on the menu.

Benji feels like he’s in over his head with this sophisticated pair, but it might be Stephen’s musical and artistic temperament that makes three a crowd. Can Jack and Stephen hit just the right note? Or will Benji end up out in the cold?

NOTE: This book was previously published by Torquere Press in September 2007. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Book Review

Threesomes can be fun, hot, and exactly what an adventurous couple needs. But as satisfying as bringing in a third man to “play” can be for both partners, there are some dangers. Jealousy, a feeling of being worth less than the “new” guy, and fear of being replaced are all very real issues. It is rare that these are mentioned in fiction, but ‘Love in G Minor’ is very honest about the problems as well as the benefits. The somewhat unusual ending made me frown at first, but actually, it was just perfect.

Jack, a stockbroker, and Stephen, a talented violinist who plays in an orchestra, have been together for a few years and love each other deeply. They like to tease each other, know exactly how far they can go, and adore their kink. Semipublic displays bordering on exhibitionism are on the menu regularly, as is adding a third man to their activities.  

When they find Benji, a waiter, he seems like the ideal addition. He is young, innocent, up for pretty much anything, and utterly sensual. Both Jack and Stephen have lots of fun exploring his boundaries, and Benji can’t seem to get enough. He remains an occasional guest though, and as familiar as Jack and Stephen get with him, the love between them clearly takes precedence.

It was quite fascinating to watch this dynamic – expressed in physical encounters and the occasional, very occasional, conversation. Maybe I should have seen the ending coming, but it still managed to surprise me. Kudos to Sean Michael for making it happen this way.

If you like incendiary threesomes with lots and lots and lots of sex, if you enjoy the dynamic between three men who are more than a little kinky, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with a somewhat unusual ending, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 83 pages/24724 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-November-2016
Price $3.75 ebook
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