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Long, Lonely Howl by Lyn Gala at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Barb Manning on 06-April-2011

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Although Casey Keller loves his life as a YMCA counselor, making a difference in the lives of inner-city kids, his personal life is a mess. He loves Adam, his live-in boyfriend, but he can't deal with him. He misses Nathan, an old lover and current friend, but there's a distance between them Casey can't overcome. He’s starting to fear that he's the one constantly ruining any chance he has for happiness. But life is about to change: a trip to the California mountains to escape the pressures of city life will introduce him to a world he never knew existed, where creatures out of mythology and fiction roam and men run in packs.


Book Review

'Long, Lonely Howl' is an entertaining werewolf tale about lonely Y counselor, Casey Keller, his erstwhile boyfriend Adam, and Casey's best friend Nathan.

Casey Keller is at a turning point in his life. He loves working at the Y making a difference in the lives of young inner-city boys, but his turbulent relationship with his boyfriend Adam is about to crash and burn and he's not even sure he cares. Adam is out and in your face proud and he can't understand why Casey hides their relationship behind the fiction of "the girlfriend Abby".

Nathan is gay but he doesn't appear to have a problem with Casey keeping secrets since he has a few of his own. A ranger used to living in the wild, Nathan has a strong, forceful character that's not threatened by his friend's secrets. He respects Casey's choices. There's a strong attraction between these two secretive men.

Gala develops some strong supporting characters in 'Long, Lonely Howl'. Amadi, the African with his wry wit and odd sense of humor, as well as Vince, the young werewolf with a dark history and a musical spirit, both lend color to the story. Long, Lonely Howl is a fun read filled with some interesting werewolf lore and the sparking chemistry between Casey and Nathan. It would be nice to hear more about the back-stories of Amadi and Vince, and Nathan's confrontation with the older werewolf, Wright. Perhaps there is a forthcoming sequel?





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 170 pages/62065 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-February-2011
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