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Lesson in Betrayal (Big Deal 2) by Katsura and Yuramei at Ai Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Yaoi/Manga
Reviewed by Alex on 26-March-2013

Book Blurb

Fergus and the gang return in another passion-packed, erotically charged black comedy-yaoi caper complete with hot full-color illustrations, that will have you on the edge of your seat right up until the very last page.

After the dust has settled on the disastrous bank robbery that almost spelled the end of one of the sawn off shotgun wielding wise guys, there is the little matter of dividing up the loot. Every man is eager for his cut, but there’s just one problem. It seems that one of the greedy gangsters has helped himself already!

Was it the scar faced Rasputin, who’d been left alone with the lolly and an age old grudge? Could it have been the bed hopping bisexual Judas MacGregor’s pierced and perfect protégé, Vinny? Or has Vinny been too busy finding out just why the yakuza-like bodyguard, Cain, is known as The Legend?

The beautiful brothel keeper, Mikhail Majewski, is keeping a low profile while all of this mayhem has been going on. He’s not answering Fergus Campbell’s numerous texts and phone calls. Has he absconded with the readies? Or is he just a little bit tied up at the moment?

Book Review

The second book in the flamboyant, scintillating Yaoi series Big Deal does not disappoint. In fact I'd say it surpasses its predecessor and that is saying a lot. Rich in detail, with exquisite illustrations, I love this series, and this book had so much going for it that it's hard to know where to begin. In my previous review I mentioned that the action takes place in the UK, and I can now say for sure that the charismatic gang's home is Scotland. So I read the dialogue with a bit of a Scottish brogue, amusing for me, but not necessary to the read of the novel. The events of this story take place directly after those of the last novel and further explore the personalities and habits of our lovely gang members.

Judas, the enchanting sex addict, manages to avoid prison for the criminal setup of the previous novel, but the small gang experiences some division in the aftermath of their last job. The festering friction between Fergus and Judas amplifies, which creates tension between all of the gang members. But when the gang meet to split the take of that job, and a bag of money goes missing, things explode for the worst. Each member has their own idea of what happened to the missing money and mistrust, accusation, and a need to flush out the truth, makes this a riveting addition to the series. Beautifully woven with multiple plot lines, most notably that between Hugo, Fergus's neurotic husband, and Mikhail, the new love of Fergus's life, this is edge-of-your-seat drama.

Superbly crafted, with excellent pacing and incredible character development, I give high marks to the authors for keeping me reading well into the night as the story refused to let me rest; I had to know what was going to happen. The twists and turns made for a rocking, roller coaster of a ride and I say that without mentioning the tantalizing yaoi aspects which were frequent, romantic, and ardent, and had me begging that Judas would wake up. Yeah, I'm not going to spoil it for you and reveal what I mean by that. Sufficient to say that this is one of the hottest, intense, and joyous joyrides I've ever had the pleasure to read. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and I hope the authors pen at least twenty more books for this amazing character-driven series. Yeah, it's like that.

Thank you, Katsura and Yuramei, in a word… outstanding!




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Publication Date 23-May-2012
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