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Lesbian Erotica Volume 7, edited by Barbara Cardy at Constable & Robinson

Genre Mixed Genres / Lesbian Erotica
Reviewed by jj on 12-August-2013

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KIDNAP LOVER by Dominique James
Emma was no stranger to BDSM, but being kidnapped by an unknown number of strangers was too much, especially when she was taken in the back of a van to some unknown farm in the middle of nowhere. But does she know these people? Could one be her dominant lover Anna? Does her impending birthday have anything to do with it?

SEX SHOP DEAL OF THE DAY by Chris Westlake
Rose is the perfect desperate housewife - rich, pampered and BORED! She's given a thrill when a young sales assistant does more than measure her inner thigh - she spreads them wide. Rose becomes addicted to excitement, and gets caught stealing an item of lingerie. The manageress and the sales assistant dish out their own unique form of punishment, which turns out to be pussy-licking good!

MUSE by Maggie Morton
Young Ona is 100% certain that she's a lesbian. Sadly, she's never had even a mere kiss from a woman. But that lack of experience might be gone for good when a gorgeous artist makes a surprising request that Ona pose for her - completely naked.


Book Review

Volume 7 has only three stories, but they do not disappoint. Things start off with some serious pleasure/pain, dominant/submissive action. Then, a curious mid-forty-year-old has the shopping experience/enlightenment of a lifetime. Wrapping things up, a college freshman canvassing for signatures meets a gay-friendly artist. This story was so amazing, endearing, and hot, as to make me truly believe in life-changing serendipities for both. Oh my, thank goodness my tall iced beverage once again helped me to gently cool down and come back to earth after these three gems.

Kidnap Lover
Emma’s birthday is tomorrow and she prays that it is her friends behind a really scary, rough handling kidnapping since they know she has kidnapping fantasies. Blindfolded, harshly bound by her hands and legs and naked for the two-hour trip where she also gets slapped and beaten with what felt like a riding crop. And oh, that is just the beginning. Hang in there, campers, for a really bumpy, super sensuous, yet delectably excruciating birthday bash.

Sex Shop Deal of the Day
On Rose’s birthday she once again will go shopping alone. Her husband can never get the day off. However, this time she knows she will go back to the store where she accidentally saw two women bring each other to climax practically out in the open! Rose has been fixated on her voyeuristic experience. Oh, but Rose ain’t seen nothing yet! Don’t miss the ending with the cutest re-connection that Rose has with her husband. 

Ona, a college freshman, somewhat unexpectedly meets a drop-dead gorgeous artist whose ‘muse’ has deserted her. After tea and some gentile chit chat, Lilliana inquires if Ona would consider posing for her. My, but the heavens smile on Ona and Lilliana from that point forward. What a completely captivating and hot sexy time ensues. This was such a deeply touching and erotically fulfilling top notch read. I truly suggest these stories not be missed!





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Format ebook
Length Anthology of 3 Short Stories, 25 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-February-2012
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