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Lesbian Erotica Volume 6, edited by Barbara Cardy at Constable & Robinson

Genre Mixed Genres / Lesbian Erotica
Reviewed by jj on 03-August-2013

Book Blurb

SHY GIRL by Kannan Feng
Tanya's a shy girl, but her girlfriend Valentine knows exactly what shy girls need. When Valentine wants to hear a very special word out of Tanya's mouth, she's willing to use some very unfair (and painful!) tactics to get her way.

THE CHASE by Chris Westlake
Jennifer is on holiday in France with her friends when she spots a French girl she desperately wants to say 'Oui' to. She follows the girl into the woods, and it is quickly apparent that the girl is not going on a picnic (unless 'eaten out' got lost in translation). Jennifer ends up on all fours on a wooden boat in the middle of a river (and no, she has not dropped a penny).

Janelle has never spent a night on Wanda's waterbed. She's not convinced there's anything to like about a mattress full of liquid until Wanda shows her the joys of sex on the sloshing waves. But how will Wanda react when Janelle blurts, 'I love you' for the first time?

HEN DAY by Eva Hore
Organizing a Hen's day for her sister gives this sister more on the day than she bargained for. Who would have thought a Hen's Day could turn into a passionate affair for more than two of the guests.


Book Review

Volume 6 opens with an intriguing Dominant/submissive couple. Then we have a divine and magnetic sexy coquette interlude followed by a glorious romp on a waterbed and ending with one hell of a pre-wedding girl’s day out. Hot, hotter, scorching! Well, I need to refresh my tall, cool, iced drink so I can share my good vibes about this last volume.

Shy Girl
A truly overpowering Domme and her shy submissive provide the focus for some intense pain/pleasure/sexual highs that just totally bind these two lovers. Eye-opening and brutally brilliant, I feel a tad closer to understanding the extraordinary dynamics of such a couple. Magnificent.  

The Chase
First a haunting train interlude, then four girl friends vacationing together, where one of girls prefers girls. Then, the taunting near spectral French girl beckoning to be chased, caught, driven to ecstatic heights, and then returning the favor by. Jennifer, the train commuter and obsessed pursuer of the French girl, has her best vacation ever. This was a wistful yet haunting opening to a climatic coupling. Ah, that was grand.

First Night on a Waterbed
Janelle is at Wanda’s house while Wanda’s children are at their grandparents'. Wanda recently bought a waterbed. Janelle is a bit skeptical, but their sexually energetic marathon love session aboard the ‘bed’ proved it was the perfect underpinning for such wild and hot lovemaking. My knees are weak and my toes are curling so I know this was great fun!

Hen Day
Sue’s sister has been without a girl friend for two years and now she needs to plan and coordinate her sister’s pre-wedding day festivities. However, the bus driver, Jo, taking Sue, her sister and friends on a multi-winery tour turns out to be one hot number and a dream come true for Sue’s sister. There were sexual fireworks galore including a hilarious ending leading to Sue inviting Jo to her wedding. I was panting up a storm and doubled over in guffaws at the finale. Ain’t it grand to laugh your pants off even after your pants are off? Delightful!





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Format ebook
Length Anthology of 4 Short Stories, 28 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-February-2012
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