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Lesbian Erotica Volume 5, edited by Barbara Cardy at Constable & Robinson

Genre Contemporary / Lesbian Erotica
Reviewed by jj on 27-July-2013

Book Blurb

Emily has joined the amateur dramatics where she plays the sort of rich spoilt housewife that every milkman longs to meet on his round. The tables are turned when Deana, the sassy ebony minx who plays her meek maid in the play, turns out to be a dominatrix with her own set of handcuffs! When Emily is licked out on stage, it seems that there could be a third role in this production.

Chloe's invited to a wedding where she doesn't really know anyone . . . boring - until she sees Heather in the receiving line! The chemistry is instant. The need is instant. The wedding breakfast was anything but - two minds, two needs across the hall. A slip of paper passed to her. 'Room 218'. The need accelerates as she makes her way to her room. Then . . . crash. A meeting of minds and a collision of bodies. Fire, more fire and ultimate bliss.

WOMEN'S TOP FANTASIES by Dominique James
Psychologist Dominique uses her knowledge of women's favourite fantasies. Alongside her husband, she coaxes her best friend Debbie into that list of fantasies. Her aim is to inflame her husband, starting with a bit of bondage as she ties him to their bedroom chair. When Debbie arrives, unaware of the plan, the two women get a bit carried away with it, Dominique's husband getting sidelined along the way as the pair get lost in a lesbian free-for-all.

SERVING SARA By Angel Propps
Sara Dahl hates her job as a member of a caterer's wait staff almost as much as she delights in tormenting the guests at the functions she works at. When she meets beautiful blond Jamie she decides to teach her how much fun and humbling serving others can be!


Book Review

Volume 5 is filled with tantalizing heat and delicious new perspectives. Four different short stories presenting ever-more intriguing ways of getting hot, bothered, and creamed to dizzying climactic heights. Oh, my ever-faithful cool, tall, and frosty spritzer was never more needed to keep me from boiling over. Great stuff, but be forewarned, you may be left panting, but hopefully titillated to the max. 

Role Play Reversal
An amateur theater production with two talented actresses in leading and supporting roles sets the stage for the supporting actress to turn the tables on her leading lady after the audience has departed. This leading lady learned and experienced some supremely gratifying hot and sexy lessons under the tutelage of her supporting lady. Submission never felt so amazing. 

Holy Matrimony
Paralleling a sweet, traditional marriage ceremony, a bridesmaid from the wedding party and a guest rush together to have a night possibly rivaling the newlywed’s consummation. These women drove each other to unbelievable heights of sexual bliss in Room 218…beautiful and hotter than Hades. All wedding guests should get such a glorious romp in the hay and life-time love partner to boot. Magnificent.

Women’s Top Fantasies
Married lady psychologist refines a published list of women’s top fantasies into her own super sizzling TODO List. Her husband gets to witness some of his wife’s fantasies played out before him while he is tied to a chair and on occasion with a pillowcase over his head. Oh my God! Debbie is her partner and wish list conspirator for those items requiring a hot and accomplished lover. What a complete experience with perspiration, crème, and soaring orgasmic heights. Fantastic fun!

Serving Sara
Sara, the waitress, and Jaime, the visiting daughter of the party givers hosts, hi-tail off to the ‘nannies old room’. Sara dominates Jaime while pleasuring her, too. Jaime reciprocates and sends Sara to the stars. Appetizer, main course and dessert all wrapped up in one super hot nanny room love fest. 
What a blast and what a closing for Volume 5!  





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Format ebook
Length Anthology of 4 Short Stories, 27 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-February-2012
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