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Lesbian Erotica Volume 4, edited by Barbara Cardy at Constable & Robinson

Genre Mixed Genres / Lesbian Erotica
Reviewed by jj on 22-July-2013

Book Blurb

Chloe wasn’t the least bit worried about her job performance evaluation. Sure, she was the bottom performer in terms of sales, but as she put it, wiggling her cute little pampered behind, ‘What a bottom it is!’

LADIES WHO LUNCH by Catherine Lundoff
Straight lady Jayne Peters looks like she has it all: confidence, a successful business, a doting husband. . . but looks, as they say, can be deceptive. Found crying in the ladies’ by a butch dyke admirer, a little consolation leads to Jayne being caught with her knickers around her ankles!

Lynn is a lesbian in her mid-forties with an excellent memory and the good fortune of having reconnected with her first-ever girlfriend Jackie. She decides it might be fun to see if Jackie remembers how sexy legwarmers can be, having worn them for her all those years ago when they first dated.

Helena has a liaison with a stranger on a train and the kinky encounter is foreplay for a lengthy stiletto-clad session with her lover Anya. Fetish boots and spanking are the recipe for an afternoon of deviant delight.


Book Review

Volume 4 continues my education and enjoyment with heat pouring off the pages. Two stories, the first and fourth, focus on pain/pleasure scenarios, the second tale is a positive romp at the Women in Business monthly lunch, and the third is a luscious trip down memory lane with some astoundingly hot new/ex girlfriends coming back together twenty-five years later. Break out the ice cubes for the essential tall, cool frosty beverage to help balance the heat.

Bottom Performer
Chloe has a very rich father, is quite spoiled and a slacker at the real estate firm where she is employed. Marilyn Baines is the office manager who calls Chloe in early for her performance evaluation. She is the worst performer in the office! Well. Ms. Baines engages in some brilliant motivational maneuvers that has Chloe’s bum burning a brilliant scarlet. Wow. This was such a delicious eye opener. Plus, don’t miss Chloe’s punch line!

Ladies Who Lunch
Welcome to the Women in Business Monthly Luncheon where this month all the action happens in the ladies room! Every month the owner of a landscaping firm drools over the president of the Women in Business Association and every month the president completely ignores our self-respecting dyke landscaping business owner. Oh but not this month…sparks are flying! All the action is in the last stall, plus some incredibly slick business maneuvers by our ingenious, previously ignored dyke. What a rip!

The Legacy of Leg Warmers
Two gals who were hot for each other during high school have several reunions twenty-five years later. On their third get-together, Lynn pulls a fun fashion history lesson on her new/ex lover as they take things to new hot and high levels securing they’re place in each others heart. Oh, it was wonderful being a fly on the wall at this amazing reunion fashion fueled love fest.  

Sweet Discipline
A secret once a week morning rendezvous on an empty commuter train car where discipline and pain is administered. This is precisely staged, orchestrated, and timed. 


The submissive is now the dominant administering the pain and then demanding to be pleasured. Oh my goodness, my head was spinning while I merged with the two final participants in this pain/pleasure dance. This split/multi scene story simply blew me away! It was an amazing experience.






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Format ebook
Length Anthology of 4 Short Stories, 21 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-November-2011
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