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Lesbian Erotica Volume 3, edited by Barbara Cardy at Constable & Robinson

Genre Mixed Genres / Lesbian Erotica
Reviewed by jj on 11-July-2013

Book Blurb

MISS LAWRENCE by Alex Severn
Schooldays are often precious to us and when the one you love more than anyone else in the world shares your memories, even better. Teachers readily leave a real impression on us. Don’t most of us have one special teacher we remember above all? Nostalgia is lovely, but when a lover plans a special surprise it’s hard to imagine anything more satisfying and pleasurable . . .

Teresa Connors just wanted to strengthen her body. But the buff, beautiful gym owner had more ambitious, delicious plans for the shy girl’s form . . .

THE INNER CIRCLE by Lucy Felthouse
When Adele spots her good friends Donna and Josie spending time together and being all chummy without her, she’s devastated. And when she sees the two women heading into one of their houses together, she’s determined to find out exactly what’s going on. Peering through the front window of the house reveals more than Adele was betting on, and what's more, she likes it!

DRAGON by Lucinda Coombes
While Little Lucy was licking her out in their shared cell, one of the top dogs was planning her fight with the Dragon Lady. Losing would mean a total humiliation . . . and one which she would have to endure in front of all the prison’s bottom feeders.


Book Review

Volume 3 was somewhat different, but compelling, and outrageously hot. Two stories delve into BDSM, Mistress/slave relationships, and concurrent pain/pleasure scenarios. The other two stories are actually funny and whimsical but the pleasuring was top notch and have I mentioned before about having tall, icy drinks at one’s fingertips? It is a pleasing and necessary accoutrement for a totally satisfying read. I am definitely looking forward to the additional volumes in this series.

Miss Lawrence
Two posh exclusive girl school graduates have been partners for several years. Kate has trained Toni to be a competent submissive.  Both find climactic satisfaction according to their preferences. However, Kate is in for a big surprise as was I. Amazing!

The Full Gym Experience
The owner of an all women’s gym introduces a new member to, as the title suggests, the Full Experience. The intro was definitely complete, unquestionably thorough, and exquisitely orgasmic. Buff levels rise measurably. Where do I sign up?

The Inner Circle
Why had two of the happily married women friends suddenly split off from the third? The lonely one left out is crazed to find the explanation. With reluctance and a bit of paranoia, she investigates. She was treated to a super hot peeping Tom experience that might eventually change the peeper’s life forever.

Power, possession, and submission within a woman’s prison provide our venue. Hot, tough, black newcomer taunts and tosses her gauntlet down at the existing Chinese Queen. The confrontation is set. Who will be the bitch and who will be the boss? I was mesmerized and educated about this world and the women. Wow.





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Format ebook
Length Anthology of 4 Short Stories, 18 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-November-2011
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