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Lamar (Urban Wolves 2) by Leona Windwalker at Rune Tree Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Interracial / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 20-April-2017

Book Blurb

Vampire prince and bakery owner Laurie has tried to be patient with the irascible human mate Fate has given him. Ever since he first met the FBI agent, he's known that he needed to handle him carefully or R.W. would continue to avoid him. When Steven Chang and his mate Jared approach him about a building that the werewolf pack has acquired, he jumps at the chance to expand his business holdings in the human world. He certainly doesn't expect to discover that Fate has handed him a second mate, and one that even more skittish than R.W. As he ponders how to ease Lamar into their world and get both his mates to accept their mating, complications within the human world rear up.

Chang packmates husky shifter Desmond and Rafe knew there was something off about the van they spotted chasing a young pup past the Chang Building. What they didn't know was that they would uncover a danger lurking that would affect them and the rest of the supernaturals living in New York City. A danger that means the Fae Kingdom, Laurie's Dark Principality, and the Chang pack must unite to fight.

Book Review

I absolutely loved book one in this series because, in part, the author has created a very unique world, different from many paranormal shifter stories, so I was excited to return to it. The fact that I liked Laurie from the moment I met him, and I knew R.W. was going to be a challenge, plus throwing in a third mate? Oh, I couldn't wait for the fireworks to begin.

Laurie is prince of the Dark Principality which is located across the veil. When Steve and Jared show him the building they purchased that has the retro 1950s diner on the bottom floor and the rest of the floors are apartments, he can't resist buying it and having his coven, who work at either the bakery or the diner, in a position to live together under one roof. I could only imagine Laurie's surprise when Lamar comes in to apply as a short order cook, and Laurie realizes this is his other mate.

"As rare as it was, Laurie definitely had two mates. One who was refusing to talk to him and busy trying to find another romantic interest, and one who had no idea that he'd just applied for a job at a vampire-run diner."

Once R.W. comes around, so to speak, except for trying to figure out how to tell his religious parents, he and Laurie go back to the diner where Laurie tells R.W. about Lamar. Turns out those two have already met. That's not even the best thing though. The best is when Lamar, when looking for napkins to refill the dispensers, stumbles through something he really shouldn't have. The conversation that follows is a definite highlight for me. *grins*

"Lamar stood up abruptly. “This is too damned weird for me, honey. I know y'all is telling me true, but this here is some seriously fucked up bullshit. Seriously hot, but weird and fucked up. I'm gonna have to take awhile to settle this here info in my brain.”

It was fun watching these three guys figure their mating out. I liked the side story with the humans, shifters, and animals, and I'll be interested to see its conclusion in the next installment. I wasn't as impressed with the writing in this novella. This is just my reaction, but having multiple side stories involving other couples was distracting to me. Also, in my opinion only, some of the things the author chose to focus on took away from the central story of Laurie, R.W., and Lamar, their relationship and mating. Again, this is only my opinion, and other people may not be bothered by it.

If you enjoy a different type of world with many paranormal species, three men trying to figure out what they’re doing, a bit of a mystery, and being introduced to several other pairings, then this might just work for you. It is fun and I liked Lamar, Laurie, and R.W.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 126 pages/39353 words
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Publication Date 05-March-2017
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