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Knowing (Blue Notes 0.5) by Shira Anthony

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 25-January-2013

Book Blurb

A Blue Notes Series Story. Jason Greene is just discovering his sexuality, but he never expected to be attracted to the outcast and awkward Robbie Janson. He's a guy, right? Guys aren't supposed to be attracted to other guys. And yet there's just something about Robbie that Jason can't seem to shake.

Free read written as part of the Goodreads Gay-Straight Alliance Group's "Traveling to Better" writing project. My topic, suggested by a reader, was "Am I gay or am I straight?"

Book Review

Our teenage years are a difficult and often contradictory time in our lives. We're busy trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. It's a period where we want to be like everyone else, but we also want to be special, cool, and sometimes rebellious. In 'Knowing' by Shira Anthony, Jason Greene is embroiled in this struggle for self-knowledge, knowing that he's different to begin with as a classical pianist, yet he tries very hard to figure out how he's supposed to feel rather than how he truly feels. Even at that age, he's shoving himself in a cubby hole into which he does not fit. By doing so, he's setting himself up for a lot of heartbreak in the future.

I liked Jason and felt sorry for him. His angst and confusion is, for the most part, just normal teenaged behavior, but on top of that, he plays classical piano which isn't exactly cool at his age. Jason clogs on along, trying to fit into what he assumes is his expected role in life, but the one anomaly in his life that he can't explain his reaction to a young man named Robbie Janson. As far as Jason is concerned, Robbie knows everything which he admires, but it's the sexual response that Robbie evokes in Jason that has him reeling. He can't explain why he has this reaction to another guy when he's straight; he also wonders if his feelings for another guy are simply because it is Robbie. But Robbie, wise beyond his years, understands all too well. He realizes that Jason simply isn't ready to face, much less explore, such feelings and, after a few brief sexual encounters, graciously bows out of Jason's life.

This is a poignant, bittersweet story about how the choices in life affect us, how sometimes it's too difficult to take the road less traveled, but how, in the end, we eventually end up at the place we are meant to be. Thanks, Shira, for this insight into Jason's psyche, especially as it relates to the 'Blue Notes' story. My wish for Robbie, whom I found wonderful and intriguing, is that he gets his happily ever after story as well.




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Format ebook
Length Short Story
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-October-2011
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