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Kitty in the Middle (Purrfect Mates 5) by Joyee Flynn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-August-2011

Book Blurb

Ham Cowell is an artist whose general awkwardness left his life devoid of any meaningful relationships. The oldest of his cheetah litter, he often finds himself being sought out by his brothers for advice. What Ham wants is to be noticed by someone other than his family.

Kale Bauer’s a firefighter who has never been able to find someone that he has strong feelings for. When he meets Ham, he not only finds that someone but is plunged into a world of shifters.

Luca Riso was just rescued from the Hunters’ circus by a group of vampires. And has been severely abused, but his wounds start to heal when he meets Ham and Kale.

When Luca tells his new mates that his brothers are still being held and will do whatever is necessary to get them back, will they be able to stay together? Or will anger tear them apart?

Book Review

The fifth book in the series continues the new sub-storyline that started in volume four. This cycle is about cheetah shifters, which is a nice change. The fact that they are from the same litter adds continuity, and I like the feeling of family in the stories.

The three mates are absolutely perfect for each other. There was no conflict in the relationship at all, the issues all came from the outside. And there was enough of those to fill several pages. It was nice to see the lovers stand up to the world together and support each other pretty much from the beginning.

If you like cat shifters who learn to live with a very hot fire fighting human, while having a lot of sex, you will probably like this book.

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Format ebook
Length Novella, 117 pages/35738 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-August-2011
Price $5.50 ebook
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