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Kestrel's Chance by Harper Fox at FoxTales

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 14-July-2013

Book Blurb

Kestrel and Rory are the very best partnership in Wester Fleet’s elite Mountain Rescue Team. They’ve trusted one another with their lives for five years. They’re closer than brothers – but Rory’s feelings for his handsome, daredevil partner are far from fraternal.

He knows better than to tell Kes the truth. Climbing partnerships are a delicate balance of love and practicality, and the Fleet MRT has a strict non-fraternisation code. Rory could lose everything by a confession. And Kes is an enigma – sometimes distant, sometimes seeming to crave the very devotion Rory longs to give him.

Kes is all set to become the MRT’s next leader. He’s a shoo-in for the job, except for his impatience with amateur climbers and his inability to hold his tongue. When he and Rory are given the job of guiding two important visitors across the Fleet range, it’s a test of his tact to say the least. But nothing about this mission is as it seems, and soon Kes is facing the most terrifying challenge of his life.

Book Review

Most of us have ghosts, past experiences that haunt us. Kestrel, of 'Kestrel's Chance' by Harper Fox, has more than his share. His partner, Rory, knows something is very wrong and wishes he could help but he can't unless Kestrel confides in him. Instead, Rory goes along with him, keeping him as safe as his often reckless partner will allow. Meanwhile, Rory is there for him, just in case.

People admire Kestrel for his expertise as rescuer and are grateful for his help, but, other than Rory, he doesn't have any friends. Kestrel admires and respects Rory and they work together seamlessly, anticipating each other's every move, but outside of their job, the intimacy disappears. Sometimes, Kestrel's mask of indifference slips, and his need bleeds through. He actually lets himself feel for a change and it frightens him so badly that he slams the door shut, leaving poor Rory out in the cold once more. When the ice around Kestrel finally cracks and he's left vulnerable and bare, Rory is there to help him. Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?

When you love someone deeply, but know that telling that person will more than likely unbalance what is a precarious partnership to begin with, you remain silent. This is the position Rory finds himself in with Kestrel. They've been through bonding experiences similar to what couples have, without the physical intimacy.  Rory is in a precarious position and he knows it, but what both confounds and makes him hopeful at the same time, is the crack he sometimes glimpses in his partner's façade, however infrequent, which seems to indicate that his partner may have feelings for him as well. No matter how outrageously Kestrel behaves, Rory's devotion and loyalty to Kes won't allow him to desert his friend.

This is a complex love story, written in Harper's amazing lyrical style. I especially liked the Gaelic sprinkled here and there adding extra color to her prose. Her inclusion of some of the physical elements of her location, becoming characters themselves, is brilliant and highly effective. The resolution of the story seemed a little rushed until I remembered that Rory and Kestrel had already been together for five years when I met them. Surely, during that time, things happened which weren't in this story, making the timing of the resolution just right.

I recommend this story to those who like a romance with angst, danger, excitement, forgiveness, and redemption. Thank you, Harper, for reminding us that feelings—good or bad, are not to be bottled up, but are meant to be shared.





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