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Jaeger's Bond (Alpha Auction 1) by CR Guiliano

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 06-March-2018

Book Blurb

Things had changed so much over the last few centuries, and Gress wasn’t sure he liked it, or the pressure. Not that he’d want to go back to the days alphas ruled the packs, and omegas were nothing more than breeding stock. But what Joti, his omega co-leader wanted to do, Gress was adamantly against.

No self-respecting omega wanted to go to the Alpha Auction, and purchase a mate. It didn’t matter the auction was entirely voluntary, unlike the old days when omegas were sold off against their will to be bred, and subjugated. How could a worthy alpha stoop so low as to be studded out in such a humiliating manner? Even if they were outnumbered 3-to-1 by omegas, and that was the reason they were no longer the height of the hierarchy among the packs?

It didn’t matter the omega council was pressuring him, and Joti to find a mate, there had to be another way. Except, there wasn’t, and Gress knew it. Every pack ruled by a duel-omega leadership was expected to have an alpha mate, only one alpha mate. It was against council law to have more than one, the risk of the alphas trying to control the pack too great. The one alpha was there to bond with both omegas, and to produce the next generation, hopefully conceiving more alphas to swell the dwindling numbers.

Despite Gress’s objections, they had to attend, but would they find a mate compatible to them both? An alpha willing to have two mates he was expected to bond with, and breed, and submit to their control? Gress wasn’t sure such an alpha existed.


Jaeger couldn’t believe his brother had talked him into signing up for the Alpha Auction. So, he wasn’t getting any younger, but to belittle himself to find a mate? It was embarrassing, not to mention expensive. The Alpha Auction wasn’t run like a normal one. Sure, omegas bid on the alpha they were interested in, but that alpha had to come with a dowry. Jaeger’s entire savings was now tied to whether he would be bid on. If the bid exceeded his dowry, he was entitled to keep the money, but how often did that happen?

Jaeger had been searching for a mate—secretly, his destined mate—for more than ten years, but had been unsuccessful. Why he, and his brother, thought he would find his mate at the auction didn’t make sense, but it was too late now. The auction took place in two weeks, and Jaeger had already signed the papers, and given his dowry to the auction officials. If this didn’t pan out, he wasn’t sure what he’d do. And what happened if the winning bid—if he was bid on at all—was an omega he couldn’t stand, or tried to dominate him, and break his alpha pride, and instincts? He was pretty sure his brother hadn’t thought of that, when he practically forced Jaeger to sign up.

It wasn’t as if Jaeger was looking for an omega to submit to him. Alphas had changed over the years, their instincts honed to care for, and protect their mates even more than in the past. They no longer carried the need to dictate, and rule their mates, a trait evolved into extinction. Yes, they were still bigger, stronger, and faster than omegas, but those qualities were used to protect, not lead. Not anymore. Jaeger had no desire to run a pack. He only wanted a mate, hopefully a destined mate, he could love, who desired him, and only him, and maybe have a pup, or two. Was that too much to ask? Would that be too much to expect from the Alpha Auction?

Book Review

I was fascinated enough by the glimpse of the worldbuilding I saw in the description of ‘Jaegar’s Bond’ to want to read this novella to see how it all would play out. The idea of a shifter world where omegas far outnumber alphas, where birth rates are down 92 percent, where the council had to rule that two omegas can lead a pack, and where the “traditional” rules of alphas being powerful and aggressive practically no longer exists, had my attention from the start. The Alpha Auction is an ingenious idea by the council to try to increase the birth rates and to up the number of alphas. I’m just fairly certain that if I were an alpha I might feel much like Jaegar does about participating.

Gress and Joti are the omega co-leaders of the Moonwild pack. After five years of ruling, the council has given them an ultimatum - find an alpha mate or they will be replaced. Gress and Joti have grown up together and love one another, but without an alpha mate to trigger their heats, they cannot fully bond. The auction is their last hope. Jaegar is furious that his brother has forced him to register for the auction using all of his dowry money. Jaegar has tried for years to find his destined mate with no success but entering the auction is, in his mind, embarrassing. He can only hope he gets won by a male as the female omegas tend to be vicious, cruel, and prone to using humiliation as punishment.

I was completely intrigued by this view of a shifter world unlike any I had seen before. The packs that are led by a dual-omega team are stronger, larger, and more prosperous. Some packs are beta led or just by one omega but they tend to be much smaller with a lot of internal tensions and upsets. The days of the old alphas who showed their dominance over their mates is a thing of the past although Jaegar has a difficult time suppressing his desire to protect his mates and has to keep biting the inside of his cheek to prevent the growls from escaping every time someone comes too near his pregnant mates. Of course, Jaegar still hasn’t told his mates his secret, and he’s hoping they’ll still want him after he does.

What an excellent beginning to a new series. The worldbuilding kept me entranced while the mating between Jaegar, Gress, and Joti was really something to see. I loved the births and the pups and I’m so looking forward to more. Huge kudos to the author for this scintillating experience!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 102 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-October-2017
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