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It Could Happen by Mia Kerick at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / New Adult / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 06-June-2017

Book Blurb

Three misfits, mismatched in every way—Henry Perkins, Brody Decker, and Danny Denisco—have been friends throughout high school. Now in their senior year, the boys realize their relationship is changing, that they’re falling in love. But they face opposition at every turn—from outside and from within themselves. Moving to the next level will take all the courage, understanding, and commitment they can muster. But it could happen.


Henry is a star athlete and the son of religious parents who have little concern for the future he wants. Brody is a quirky dreamer and adrenaline junkie, and Danny is an emo artist and the target of bullies. Despite their differences, they’ve always had each other’s backs, and with each of them facing a new and unique set of challenges, that support is more important than ever. Is it worth risking the friendship they all depend on for the physical and romantic relationship they all desire?


In this unconventional new adult romance, three gay teens brave societal backlash—as well as the chance that they might lose their treasured friendship—to embark on a committed polyamorous relationship.


Book Review

Merriam-Webster defines a triad as “a union or group of three”, and in relationships it refers to a lasting, committed relationship between three partners, different from a more temporary three-way. Triads are rare for more than one reason: our society is set up to expect and accept couples as “the norm”, two people’s needs are hard enough to match, and the chances for misunderstandings, even jealousy, to develop between three partners are much higher than with two. But to take this complicated premise into a setting between three eighteen-year-old high school seniors, only one of whom has come out as gay, is a daring undertaking. The idea had me fascinated from the moment I read the blurb for ‘It Could Happen’, I dove into Henry, Brody, and Danny’s story with about as much curiosity (how is Mia Kerick going to pull this one off) as anticipation. As it turns out I was not disappointed on either count!

Henry has strict religious parents who have planned a future for him that he does not want. For Henry, getting an athletic scholarship is the only way out of his parent’s restrictions. He is gay but has never admitted it even to himself, and is always full of questions, doubts, and ready to blame himself for any of their problems at any time.

Brody is quirky, also a good athlete like Henry, but not interested in a structured existence. He is an adrenaline junkie unsure about his place in the world and tends to run when things get tough. He isn’t even sure if he is gay or straight, but he does love his two friends enough to give it a try. Brody sorts out his thoughts in a diary – which he is desperately trying to find a “cooler” name for – and I loved following the mostly convoluted path of his reasoning as he goes through the budding relationship and everything it entails.

Danny is gay and out, and with an alcoholic mother who doesn’t notice him most days, being loved and accepted is a deep emotional need for him. He falls for an abusive older man before he realizes there is a better way of getting what he needs – and his two best friends are ready to give it to him. Danny needs to feel emotionally secure, and it was beautiful to watch as he, with two guys by his side, begins to come out of his shell.

While these three guys have been friends for a long time and know each other pretty well, entering a romantic relationship is on a whole new level for them. Their commitment becomes clear fairly quickly, but the reality of what they are attempting throws many obstacles their way and “freaking out” becomes a way of life for them. They have to deal with internal issues and conflicts, as well as the risk of losing their friendship if things don’t work out. But the external threats and issues are far more difficult to deal with. It’s a good thing their foundation as friends is secure and the trust they have developed over many years is solid. Without that – it might not have worked. Taking all of that into account - as the title says – it could happen.

If you like multilayered characters who find themselves in a difficult situation, if living the way you need to live your life, never mind the objections, sounds like a worthy goal to you, and if you’re looking for a read that explores what it takes for three young men to become a committed triad before leaving high school, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do. It’s unconventional in theme, deeply emotional, and contains well developed conflicts of all sorts. Oh, and the ending? Perfect!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 200 pages/55964 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-June-2017
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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