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Inside out (Bats and Balls 4) by Ashley Ladd at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Trans* / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by CAS on 18-October-2011

Book Blurb

Although Erica used to be Eric, it’s Trey who’s twisted up and feeling inside out when he finds out his former lover is now a very beautiful, sexy and infuriating woman.

Erica Metzger loves being a woman no matter what most of the world thinks. Although life is much better as a woman, she still faces obstacles. Her former gay baseball league doesn’t want to play with a woman because they’re afraid she’ll get hurt. The women’s team isn’t an option either, so she can’t play the game she loves. And she’s afraid her uncle will disown her if she tells him about her transformation.

She’s mortified, however, that she crawled into a bottle and threw away Trey, the love of her life, rather than reveal her real self and confide her innermost desires. When the game they both love throws them back together, she doesn’t like it but can’t blame him that he doesn’t trust her and is turned inside out with mixed emotions.

Book Review

This is by far my favorite book in the 'Bats and Balls' Series to date. Stories with transgender characters are of great interest to me and to be honest this particular story is what influenced me to read the entire series. 'Inside Out' is not only about Erica and Trey's experiences in coming to terms with her change from genetically born male to sexually reassigned female. It also touches on the many different ways Erica's change affects the lives of everyone who knew her as Eric. The question of where transgender athletes fit into sports is also explored; as with all topics covered in this very enlightening story there are several interesting points of view.

It's difficult to imagine what it would be like being born female in a genetically male body; forced to live a life dictated by society's idea of who or what you should be based solely on your outer appearance. Reading this story gave me an idea of what it was like for Eric/Erica. Eric the man was a complete mess as seen through the eyes of both Erica and Trey looking back on their past relationship and why and how it fell apart. Erica is breathtakingly beautiful and much of that beauty lies in her inner strength and self-confidence as a woman. She is both a revelation and an inspiration and as such to be greatly admired and respected.

Trey is the most amazing man. He has a very big heart and a beautiful soul. He has never forgotten Eric nor has he stopped loving him. Being bisexual his attraction to Erica is instant and it's more than her looks as she seems so achingly familiar to him. The heart never forgets. With everything he'd already been through with Eric I was deeply moved by the lengths he was willing to go to in an effort to understand this new beautiful self-assured version of his former lover. As he learned, I learned... very important lessons I won't soon forget.

All the books in this series have been quick and very enjoyable reads. This one is a stand out, a breathtaking awe-inspiring unforgettable grand slam out of the ballpark. For such a short story it feels incredibly huge. It's a very well written inspirational love story with an absolutely wonderful and completely satisfying ending. Love can conquer all when given the chance. Each and every one of these stories is testament to the truth of those words. Even though baseball is the central theme that connects them you don't need to know or love baseball to enjoy these stories… love is a universal language.


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Format ebook
Length Novella, 54 pages/19308 words
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Publication Date 11-April-2011
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