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Inconvenient Mate (Mate of the Tyger Prince 6) by Shannon West at Painted Hearts Publishing

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Other Planets / Outer Space / MPreg / Shifters / Interspecies / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 26-February-2018

Book Blurb

After a long stint in the training camps, Prince Derrick and his best friend Kylar are finally coming home to Tygeria. Celebrating on the lawless moon Belline, the run into Drex pirates and a wild brawl ensues. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, a friendly drink with a gorgeous young man named Egan leads to more than they bargained for. 

Both Kylar and Derrick wake up the next morning in the brothel upstairs, bleary-eyed, hung-over and knowing that something significant happened to each of them—they just aren't sure what it was. Running to catch their shuttle, they slip away from their wild night not knowing that the handsome and dangerous Rhaegar Barbosa, the pirate king himself, has claimed Derrick as his mate. 

Teaming up to find the men who they now claim as their own, Rhaegar and Egan head to Tygeria. Rhaegar takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps Derrick, along with several members of the royal family. When threats begin to mount from all sides, Rhaegar realizes he may have to give up everything if he hopes to keep the one man he can't live without.

Book Review

My initial feeling when I discovered the author had at least one more book in her ‘Mate of the Tyger Prince’ series was pure excitement. I have thoroughly enjoyed each previous installment, the characters are fantastic, the romances are blazing hot, and the worldbuilding is phenomenal. I am not going to reiterate the worldbuilding in this review as I did that for the first three books, and since I firmly believe they should be read in order, I’m going to guess that anyone reading my review already knows. *grins*

Prince Derrick has been gone from home for far too many years training to be a soldier so he could fight in the war. He has now graduated, the war is over, he’s finally on his way home, and well, boys will be boys so it’s no wonder Derrick and his best friend, Kylar, end up in a situation they’re completely unprepared for. I’m fairly certain I’ve said this before but if Blake, the prince’s omak, hadn’t kept them so sheltered, they never would have ended up in the messes they did. Tygerian males must be very careful to never have penetrative sex until they find their mates for they bond very quickly and being apart from their mate is very painful. Of course, this was the last thing on Derrick’s mind as he was drunk off his a** in an alley with a Drex pirate that made Derrick feel as if everything was right in his world.

Oh the misadventures King Davos and Blake’s sons have gotten themselves into and it’s only the first four of them! Even though Blake’s boys always end up in these disasters, they somehow come out smelling like roses, well by the end anyway. Derrick’s pirate is actually King Rhaegar Barbosa, half-Lycan king of the Drex home planet of Tresaria. He is a pirate but he is still a king. Kylar’s mate, Egan, is a pirate but not a Drex. Egan is actually Prince Egan whose mother is the queen of Vokaria, a planet on the far reaches of space. Egan is also a voloi meaning he can impregnate a female or be impregnated by a male of his choosing, which is unexpectedly what happens with Kylar. However, children born out of wedlock are not accepted on Vokaria, so Egan is in a miserable way. It stands to reason that he and his cousin Rhaegar will head to Tygeria to find their mates.

It was hard to believe that Marcus aka Egan, was the adorable, mischievous pirate who kidnapped Redmond and met Davos and Mikos on Moravia in the last installment. Seeing as how he has some relationship with Mikos (he did meet him, after all), Egan is the one who goes down to Tygeria to find his baby daddy and Rhaegar’s mate. The hilariousness of this entire situation (which basically it is from the first sentence) is that Rhaegar and his pirates are all wanted for crimes by King Davos and Mikos is getting ready to leave on his way to Rhaegar’s planet to apprehend him. Seeing Blake’s face when he realizes either Derrick or Kylar impregnated Egan is one for the memories! Although, even better was watching the dialogue between Blake and Egan’s mother, the queen.

I could go on and on and on here but I’m not going to. That would be horribly spoiler-ish and there’s so much more yumminess to this story! Suffice to say that Rhaegar and Derrick couldn’t be more alike if they’d been born to the same parents. Both men are obstinate, have hair trigger tempers, and have more than enough ego to fill a football stadium. Or two. Oh it was Clash of the Titans to be sure!

Hands down this is my favorite of the series so far. There is so much tongue-in-cheek humor that I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face all the way through. Rhaegar and Derrick are intense and perfect for each other. Egan is adorable and made me laugh out loud more than once. And of course, Blake is his perfect self. If this is the finale in the series then the author definitely ended it with a bang. So much fun!





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