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In The Public Eye (The Escort 1) by Parker Linn at Amber Allure

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Rent Boys/Escorts/Porn Stars / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Sally on 23-June-2013

Book Blurb

As a professional escort, Ryan James’ job is to service his clients, be it simply to accompany them somewhere socially or to provide more, intimate services.

But keeping things strictly business is not always easy. Ryan has feelings, too, and when he takes on aspiring politician, Brock Becker, as a client, the lines between business and personal soon become blurred...

NOTE: Don't miss the next story in the series, The Escort: Yes, Master, available June 2013.

Book Review

Quite an entertaining, fun story, told in the slightly snarky voice of rent boy Ryan, who has a very clear philosophy around his job and some pretty compelling reasons to keep doing it (he needs the money). This story is probably one of the less romanticized accounts of what a male escort's job is like, so it is low on romance, but without being crass. We're talking the upper end of "male companionship" here, not the seedier parts.

Ryan is an extremely professional male escort. He has a wide range of clients with very different demands, and sex isn’t always part of it. I liked the way Ryan describes his own ideas and priorities, as well as some of his clients. In this first book of the series, he spends a lot of time with Brock, a politician who has to be careful not to be seen with "inappropriate" people. Ryan is very understanding and happy to help out, but definitely wants to keep things professional. Or does he?

Brock may have political aspirations, for the local level, but he isn’t going to stop there if an opportunity comes up for him to go farther. This is a problem for Ryan and him, since an openly gay relationship (with an ex-escort, no less) isn’t going to help him win any elections. Ryan ends up talking some sense into him, but it does sound to me as if there is more to come in the next book(s) of the series.

If you like stories with a bit of humor and a main character/narrator who takes his job seriously but can still make you laugh, if you like reading about male escorts and what they get up to, and if you're looking for a read that is both funny and hot without getting sappy, then you will probably enjoy this short story. The ending is a little ambivalent, but that is to be expected in a series, and I didn't mind it at all. 





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 12000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-March-2013
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