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I Swear to You by Sloan Parker at Sloan Parker Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-July-2018

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When roommates Grady and Mateo give in to their growing lust, it's the best sexual experience of their lives. But are they really gay? Is this just sex? Or is it something more? It takes time for confused Grady to figure that out, but once he does he wants all of Mateo. Too bad tracking down brokenhearted Mateo proves impossible.

Grady's last resort is to post an online ad encouraging his friend out of hiding and back into his life. He's sure that once he gets Mateo between the sheets he can convince him what they had together was no college experiment. But Mateo's been hiding from something—or someone—and he has no intention of returning home.

Grady is determined to tear down all Mateo's walls so he can find out what happened to him and help heal his wounds. In the process, he'll show his best friend that he won't run. Not this time. He swears.



First edition published as 'Missed Connections: I Swear to You' at Loose Id, April 2014.


Book Review

“...I know the time has come...feels like I been holding back forever. Now my heart has finally won. I'll be there for you, I swear. Anytime you want me, I'll be there. Time and time again, until you understand...I'll be there for you...” ~ Solid HarmoniE

Grady and Mateo, of 'I Swear to You’, by Sloan Parker, have known each other all of their lives; but when they cross the line between friends and lovers, it doesn't work out; even though it's the right person, it's definitely the wrong time. Mateo has accepted that he's not only gay, but that he's in love with his best friend. Grady loves Mateo too, but is horrified at the prospect of being gay and runs away from it. The thing is, it's impossible to run from feelings which are that intense. When Grady finally reaches the point where he accepts that he is gay and still in love with Mateo, so much has happened that building the bridge between them is a long and difficult task.

Grady is stubborn and tends to do everything the hard way. He reacts rather than trying to reason things out. Instead of telling his family first, he announces he's gay on Facebook, causing all kinds of chaos in his family. Fortunately, they forgive him, but it is still a low blow. In true Grady fashion, he then decides that a gay pride celebration might be a good place to get laid, even though he is still haunted by thoughts of wanting Mateo more than anyone in the world. When he sees Mateo at the parade, their eyes connect. Grady watches Mateo's moods change from acknowledgement and excitement, to disillusionment and pain. When he runs, Grady follows, but Mateo looses him. This only makes Grady determined to find him. Again, in an impulsive manner, Grady puts an ad on Craigslist, hoping Mateo will see it, which he does and calls Grady still refusing to see him, but insisting that he take down the ad. Grady simply has to let Mateo know how he feels, that he's changed, and is now ready to be with him in every way. Grady gets his brother, the police officer, to help search for Mateo with little success. It's then that they conclude that Mateo deliberately doesn't want to be found; that he's hiding from someone or something. Grady doesn't give up though; he finally gets Mateo to agree to meet him. Grady takes Mateo to the cottage by the lake where they parted six years ago, hoping to recapture some of the magic they felt there. This idea works, but Mateo's past is quickly catching up with him. When Grady learns where Mateo's been and why he's hiding, it still doesn't deter him. When the showdown comes, Grady is right there beside Mateo, helping make things right once and for all so Mateo no longer has to live in the shadow of fear and is free again.

Mateo is shocked to see Grady at the parade, but the pain of how they parted is so great he has to run away. He's not ready to see Grady again and even more than that, he doesn't want to put Grady in danger. Mateo has been hiding from his ex because, to say the least, their relationship ended badly. Now that he's seen Grady again, logic tells him to stay away, but, as everyone knows, love doesn't care about logic. It only cares about what it wants; and Mateo's heart wants, very badly, to be with Grady. When Mateo finally agrees to see Grady, he's happy that they go to the place which always made him happy. In this peaceful setting, Mateo feels secure enough to explain his predicament to Grady and express his fears. When Grady asks for forgiveness, Mateo explains that it never would have worked back then because Grady wasn't ready. With things different now, the time is finally right for them to make the commitment, giving them a greater chance of success. When they are faced with a crisis, both prove their love and devotion for each other and find, as they have always known, that they belong together.

Sloan has created a love story full of passion and heartbreak, but, also full of joy and fulfillment. There are a few lessons to be learned as well. No matter what we think we want or don't want, until we are ready for it—physically, mentally, totally—it's not going to happen. If it's meant to be, then it will be, whatever that entails. There's no doubt that Grady and Mateo are soul mates, meant to be together, but it's a harmony which takes a lot of work to achieve. If you are in the mood for an angsty, loving, passionate story, along with one which is suspenseful and mysterious, then this book may be one you will enjoy. Thanks, Sloan, for giving Grady and Mateo the opportunity to make it right.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 110 pages/36244 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-April-2017
Price $2.99 ebook, $8.99 paperback
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