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How Not to Wait (Lovestrong 0.5) by Susan Hawke

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Age Gap / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by ParisDude on 08-June-2020

Book Blurb

Eighteen-year-old virgin Shaw Michaelson is alone at his family cabin, waiting both for his parents to return from town and for his dad's hotter-than-hell best friend to arrive to spend New Year's with them. When Nick St. Cloud arrives with a flurry of snow at his back, Shaw's first thought says it all... hello, Santa.


Former Navy SEAL "Saint" Nick can't let himself be attracted to his friend's kid. Even if Shaw does check every box on his list, Nick can't go there... although every part of him wishes he could.


Snowed in, no power, with only the heat and light from the fireplace, Nick and Shaw must spend an evening getting to know each other better and fighting their attraction. But how can Nick keep fighting when he's startled awake by a determined virgin with one goal?


Book Review

This prequel is only twenty-seven pages long, but it serves a purpose—that of being a flashback-prequel to novel number four as well as explaining the strange thwarted attraction between Shaw Michaelson and Nick St. Cloud, a subplot I have already encountered, off and on, in books one to three (as a reminder, Shaw belongs to the group of friends around Seth, Larry, and Andy; Nick is the owner of the bar where Andy and Larry, that is their drag alter egos Kandi and Honey, perform each Thursday).


In this short flashback, Shaw Michaelson, openly gay college student, has come back home to spend New Year’s Eve with his parents in their weekend cabin in the mountains. They have also invited Shaw’s father’s oldest friend, ex-Navy SEAL Nick St. Cloud. But for some reason the parents need to make a last-minute dash to their home town, hoping they’ll be back before the oubtbreak of the snow storm that is threatening. Of course, they don’t make it back; fortunately, Nick arrives in the meantime to save Shaw from spending the night all alone. The sexual attraction is both immediate and mutual, but Nick won’t allow himself to act on his urges, not with his best friend’s young son. He has not reckoned with Shaw’s curiosity and insistence, however…


Well, as short stories go, this one was quite good, its brevity having the positive side-effect of sparing me a story where too much is put into too little space, and its purpose as a prequel making it easier for me not to wish for more: I know I will get more in novel number four, which will tell Shaw’s and Nick’s story in full length. Of course, in so few pages, no character development can be achieved; that’s why I would not recommend the short story as a stand-alone read (it is not intended to be read as such by the author, I guess). But in its nice, perky, and spicy form, with its very romantic setting, it came as a pleasant interlude between novels three and four, especially as I already knew the two main characters a bit. And it made me more than curious to find out what will happen between these two men, so I’m positively looking forward to opening book number four.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 27 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-December-2018
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