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Honour by A.F. Henley at Less Than Three Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 16-June-2013

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Recently docked after a voyage abroad, Emmett wants only to find a warm bed and good food, for himself and the cabin boy he's taken into his care. Those plans are impeded, however, by an altercation in the streets—with a man he realizes too late is England's heir to the throne, Prince Andrewe.

When the encounter unexpectedly leads to a position in the royal household attending the prince, Emmett is not certain what to think. On one hand, it's a reliable income and ensures the safety of his charge. On the other, it's neither the life Emmett knows, nor an environment that he's comfortable in. Left to learn his lessons the hard way, Emmett spends his days contending with a spoiled, infuriating prince who leaves him in a constant tangle of emotions.

Then he begins to hear whispers of treason and must make a choice: defend Prince Andrewe, or betray him.

Book Review

“One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them” ~ Thomas Sowell

Emmett, from 'Honour' by A.F. Henely, has always striven to live as an honorable man, but it's a more difficult proposition than it appears to be. When he's put in a position that challenges his sense of honor, he's in conflict. Does he hold to his ideals? Does he disbelieve and betray the man he loves and follow a man convinced that the royal family is corrupt? Or, does he follow his heart whether it seems to be the right thing to do or not?

Emmett shows his strength of character when he takes a young boy under his wing, one who has been sold to their ship's captain by his father. He puts the boy's welfare above his own, protecting him at all costs. Any plans Emmett makes from that time on, are with the boy's safety and future in mind, whether it is to Emmett's best interest or not. Even though he was placed into servitude with him without asking, he grows to love the prince and they have some very passionate moments; but, Prince Andrewe's contradictory and inexplicable behavior frustrates and angers Emmett, especially when Prince Andrewe doesn't come to Emmett's defense even when he is punished for something that was not his fault. That kind of misbehavior is one Emmett can not fathom. Emmet's passion for the prince begins to wane and he puts as much distance as he can between him and Andrewe. His pain leaves him vulnerable and disenchanted. When he's enlisted to help overthrow the monarchy, he agrees with the condition that Andrewe will be spared. He's so forthright that he believes the promises made to him will be kept. Emmett thinks that after the monarchy is overturned, he can abscond with Andrewe and make a life together. After all of the abuse he receives from Andrewe, Emmet still loves him.

I can't say that I liked Prince Andrewe. He is spoiled, selfish, conceited, and sometimes insufferable. Even though he has everything money can buy, he's not happy. He's trapped in a life dictated by the expectations of his position. Prince Andrewe is not free to do as he wants which includes openly defending and loving Emmett. At times, even Andrewe doesn't understand his reactions to certain circumstances; therefore, Emmett is caught up in a constant turmoil right along with him.  Andrewe loves Emmett, actually can't do without him, but he has no idea how to properly express it. He thinks that the way to keep Emmett is to control him and, especially for Emmett, that's the worst choice he could make. Andrewe makes one last-ditch effort to show Emmett how he feels by saying he wishes he could be free of all expectations so he could have a life with Emmett. Even with all of the prince's reasons for his behavior, he makes serious mistakes in judgment which cause Emmett a great deal of pain and did nothing to endear Andrewe to me. He did redeem himself a little toward the end, but only marginally so. He still gets what he wants and on his own terms.

'Honour' is a compelling, sometimes brutal love story about two men from very different backgrounds whose ideas clash frequently. It's also a study of the subject of honor from various points of view. One thing that makes the story interesting is that both characters are deliciously flawed, which causes twists and turns that I didn't expect or could have predicted. Even though I don't feel convinced that Emmet and Andrewe will be able to work out their differences, the romantic in me wants them to. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes a well-written story, with castles, royalty, strong characters, excitement, and unpredictability. Thanks, A.F., for the interesting adventure.





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