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Homo for the Holidays by Barry Lowe at Lydian Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 01-January-2015

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Don we now our gay apparel.

Every year Simon returns to the family nest for the Christmas/New Year holidays and every year he has to avoid the clutches of Hermione, the town’s most eligible bachelorette, who is convinced she is the perfect woman for the workaholic CEO of a highly successful advertising company. In fact, she is lying in wait to inform him of the date of their forthcoming nuptials on his next return even though Simon has never proposed – and never will. He doesn’t need the aggravation this year as he has to work on an important submission for a contract that could turn his business into a global giant, so when he tells his mum he’s bringing home a male for the holidays she jumps to conclusions and mistakenly thinks he’s gay. Realizing that’s the perfect way out of his dilemma with Hermione, Simon lets everyone think it’s true. Things become awkward when he has to share a bed with his gay PA, Gabe, and act the part of half a loving gay couple. Hermione is no fool and goes out of her way to expose what she thinks is a charade. Simon discovers, however, the act is in danger of becoming reality.


Book Review

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxation and family, but workaholics have more trouble with this concept than most people. Simon, CEO of a highly successful advertising company, is a case in point. This is the highly amusing and surprisingly tender story of Simon realizing not everything in his life is as he wants it to be – including his sexuality. Gabe is the man who challenges Simon at every turn, and is as supportive in a professional situation, being Simon’s PA, as he turns out to be in the increasingly convoluted personal mess Simon has put himself in by not speaking up about what he wants out of life.

Simon is a tough man to like at first. He is cold, a workaholic, and a bastard toward people. And that isn’t his enemy describing him, that is how he sees himself. Why he has never challenged that perception and his own behavior may seem strange, but from what I saw of him in this story, it is simply because he is lazy. Yes, he is also a little people-challenged, but it’s not as if he doesn’t have emotions. He just doesn’t know what to do with them and has never put any effort into dealing with his feelings. He goes from “I am not gay” to “I can’t be gay” to “maybe I’m a little bi” to “bi is not so bad”, and finally to “okay, I’m gay”. And with Gabe as the man who challenges all of Simon’s preconceptions, I kept wondering what took him so long.

Gabe is an amazing man. He is a great PA, one of the few people who stand up to Simon, and he doesn’t take any sh*t from his boss. I also figured he must have quite a crush on Simon to put up with his inept fumbling in the emotional department, but Gabe hides his feelings really well. He is also a formidable opponent and a great guy to have Simon’s back when the money-grabbing woman who thinks she’s going to marry Simon goes on the attack.

While the tone of the story is humorous, some of the underlying truths around honesty and life priorities are worth thinking about. Simon is one of those people who drift along, never really challenging their way of viewing life until they are confronted with an obstacle, or a person who makes them sit up and notice what is going on. The wake-up call he receives is pretty fundamental, and I loved how Barry Lowe still managed to keep the tone fairly light and the story on track. The result is an entertaining book, and a great romance without a single hint of sappiness.

If you like your romances to come with a touch of humor, if you enjoy complicated family situations and a comedy of errors leading to a great result, and if you’re looking for a fun read that is as hot as it is entertaining, then you will probably enjoy this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 129 pages/25250 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-December-2014
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