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Home Fires by BA Tortuga at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-December-2012

Book Blurb

Escaping torturous captivity, Houston returns to his mate, Jackson. Jackson welcomes Houston back to their remote New Mexico home, and sets about healing Houston, body and soul. Can they remove the scars that Houston can’t hide? And can the two wolves escape the ghosts of the past when they come looking?


Previously published in 2007, as part of The Call anthology.


Book Review

This is a very hot, very woolf-y novella about two werewolves separated because one of them wanted to explore life "in the big city". Unfortunately, he ends up in very deep trouble and suffers through months of torture. In alternating points of view we get the story of how Houston returns home, beaten, scarred, and without hope, not knowing where else to go. Seeing his mate, Jackson, one last time is probably in there somewhere as a motivation, but he won’t admit the thought for fear of rejection. Jackson is still angry at him for leaving, but determined to heal him and to never let him leave again.

Houston is now sorry he ever left, and had no idea what made him go, what it was about the far-away city that seemed so attractive. He got captured by humans and tortured beyond belief, until he finally managed to escape. The tone of the telling is almost breathless, slightly ragged at the edges when Houston talks, with desperation coming off every sentence. He is clearly exhausted, sees reality in little snapshots when he is conscious, and all his perceptions are very basic. Sight and smell are his primary points of input, and he is closer to being a wolf than normal, even when in human form. I was fascinated by the whole process of Jackson bringing him back over time.

Jackson is happy to have his mate back, but he goes all alpha on him. The dominant one in their relationship, he easily slips into the role of healer who tells Houston what he needs to do. He doesn’t say much, but his actions make very clear that he returns Houston's love, while still wanting to "beat his ass" for running away and leaving him behind. He also wants to find out who did this to the man he loves, so he can avenge him. However, this is a very risky proposition, and needs to be planned carefully.

If you like werewolf stories where the men are more wolf than man in their mindset, if you enjoy reading about deep love and affection that is expressed physically rather than with words, and if you’re looking for a hot read with lots of emotion, you will probably like this short book as much as I did.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 70 pages/18100 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-November-2012
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