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Heart Song (True Blood Mate 1) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-April-2013

Book Blurb

Ten years ago, Darren Hart was rescued from a fall by a gorgeous man that tells him an outlandish tale. Once he returns to civilization, his memories blur and he begins to believe the voice in his head is a figment of his imagination.

Now, Darren is a successful veterinarian who believes he is just a bit crazy. After years of therapy and medications, he has learned to live with the sexy voice in his head. He even carries on conversations and occasionally fantasizes about the voice. When he's attacked, Darren doesn't know what to think, but when the voice comes to rescue him in the form of the most gorgeous man he's ever met, Darren is positive he's lost his mind.

On the run from a killer, Darren has to come to terms with the fact that the voice is real and has a name. Asher Stone is the alpha of a werewolf clan and claims that Darren is his alpha mate. Can Darren believe in Asher's promise that they were meant to be together or will an unknown assailant kill him before he realizes that being the alpha mate is what he desires most in the world?

Book Review

I really liked this book. It is a nice variation on the 'finding your mate' idea, with a long separation and several obstacles before the main characters finally manage to get together. Or are forced together, rather, because the danger to Darren, a vet, becomes too great for Asher, a werewolf alpha, to leave him unprotected any longer.

I loved Darren. He was incredibly strong to have survived for 10 years, thinking the voice in his head was a left-over effect from the fall he took. Being told he was crazy, even going on medication, and still being able to function made him an alpha in his own right. It also meant that he took no shit from Asher, stood up for himself and gained his respect much more easily than had he just been the 'weak human' who was introduced to the pack.

Asher was also a wonderful character. His suffering, though he knew all along that he wasn't crazy, wasn't any less than Darren's. He knew his mate was out there, even stayed in touch with him, but could never be close. He then had to go through his mate adapting to the idea that he was real. I loved that this wasn't easy on him, that it took him a while to understand how Darren had suffered.

If you like reading about two strong men learning to live together, facing external enemies as well as uncertainties in their relationship, and learning how to love together, you will probably like this story as much as I did.

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Format ebook
Length Novel, 176 pages/52101 pages
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Publication Date 15-November-2010
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