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Head in the Clouds Much? by Andy Sexton at AseBooks

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Ron Fritsch on 30-March-2013

Book Blurb

All the ingredients of classic chick lit, told from the perspective of the Gay Best Friend.

There’s a fine line between being quirky and being downright weird, and Lou had unknowingly crossed it years ago...

Twenty-nine-year-old Lou Lawrence has been coasting through life. He resides at the family home in the small town of Crockham for £40 a week and changes jobs whenever the going gets tough. But the one thing that doesn’t come easily to Lou is his relationships with men.

Lou believes that all his problems will disappear when he meets the right guy. What isn’t helping is the fact that Lou has a habit of chasing after straight men. That hazardous trend is set to continue when Lou, swayed by events at younger brother Roy’s wedding, takes on the role of delivering the Christmas mail. Lou falls for his beefy-legged colleague Dean... then befriends his fiancée.

With Dean's wedding fast approaching, should Lou listen to his ‘feminine brain’ and carry on chasing after Dean in the hope that he'll stray to the dark side? Or should he follow the advice of his straight-talking ‘masculine brain’ and look for love elsewhere?

Book Review

Andy Sexton’s debut novel Head in the Clouds Much? is a nonstop stream of well-crafted insults, humiliating pranks, and hurtful sarcastic remarks. One character tells another who’s been seeing a psychologist: “That must be a tough job, trying to find something in your head.”

I loved reading this book—although I feel I should warn potential readers they might do as I did and spend more time laughing than reading.

Lou is a 29-year-old gay man, still living at home with his parents in a small town in southern England working for what Americans call the “postal service.” And despite his desperate attempts to land a boyfriend, not one has yet made even a shadowy appearance in his life.

Lou’s fatal flaw: he falls in love with straight men, although “fit” gay men who act like straight “blokes” can tempt him as well. Unfortunately, none of the men in either of those camps appears to have much interest in Lou—except to bask in his attention and manipulate him for their own purposes.

Fortunately, on the other hand, that doesn’t stop our feisty Lou with his self-admitted “stalker-like tendencies.” Another ingenious scheme always arises from the ashes of the last one to go down in flames.

I should also note that Lou is the epitome of an unreliable narrator, and that only adds to the fun. Consider this: “I was struggling to get served due to the barmaid taking an instant dislike to me. She could clearly see that I thought I was too good for the place.” The last nine words of those remarks are the only ones the reader can be sure are true. One suspects the busy barmaid simply hadn’t noticed him, and that was what made him feel he was “too good for the place.”

One word seems to stick to Lou. When his sister-in-law Christina chides him on his total lack of success in finding a boyfriend, he says: “I’m waiting until the right man comes along. What’s wrong with that?” Christina sees her chance: “There’s waiting and there’s being delusional.” That’s the word: “delusional.”

Even Lou admits he was at his happiest when his “head was in the clouds.” And so was I.

I highly recommend Head in the Clouds Much? to any reader in search of hilarity.




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 259 pages/84000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-January-2013
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