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Hard as Teak by Margie Church

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-September-2017

Book Blurb

Having sex with his girlfriend has begun to feel like a job to nature photographer Kevin Marks. A year of sexual ennui prompts him to head for the solitude of his Minnesota cabin, in search of his lost passion—which he finds in the form of Teak Hidalgo. Kevin can’t resist the gorgeous Texan. Their fateful meeting takes Kevin’s life in a new direction, professionally and personally.

Before long, Teak resuscitates Kevin’s flat-lined libido, becoming the perfect tour guide to a sexual territory Kevin has only fantasized about. Teak provides the safety Kevin needs to finally be who he truly is, and the men embark on a romance better than anything Kevin ever imagined. But their sexy seclusion can’t last forever. All too soon, reality, obligation and envy threaten to sever the couple’s fledgling connection.

Previous editions under the title "Hard as Teak" at Noble Romance in June 2011, and "The Camera Never Lies" at Elllora's Cave Publishing in July 2014.

Book Review

When I'm lost, either literally or figuratively, I retrace my steps and go back to where I started. It's the only way I can recapture what I was doing so I can move forward. In 'Hard as Teak' by Margie Church, Kevin Marks essentially does the same thing. Despite his success in business, he's unhappy. He can't escape the nagging feeling that things are just not right. Kevin travels back to where he grew up, hoping to gain perspective. He soon comes to the conclusion that what he's been missing is an intimate, meaningful relationship; he hasn't found it because he's been looking in all the wrong places. Kevin's retreat turns out to be far more revealing than he could ever have imagined and peeling off the layers of his life is as painful as it is enlightening.

One thing that surprised me was my attitude toward Teak. I thought that he would be the one I had to be cautious and suspicious about, but it didn't turn out that way. Teak is the one whom I identified with the most, the one I fell in love with and had no problem understanding why Kevin, or anyone else for that matter, would as well. Not only is Teak blessed by Adonis on the outside, he's just as beautiful inside. I believed every word Teak said. He is incredibly considerate of Kevin's feelings and patient to a fault. Teak is wonderful with and for him.

Kevin, on the other hand, wasn't as lovable. It was difficult for me to warm up to him. His actions didn't always match his words. He talks about how he feels more than showing it. For instance, he says that he feels guilty about cheating on his girlfriend Chyio, but I never felt like he meant it. I wanted to believe him and tried to put his actions into perspective. After all, he's in a great deal of emotional conflict and feeling out of control is not a good place for him especially since he's so used to being in control of his life and business, but still, he always seemed a bit too distant for me. Toward the end of the story Kevin does change his attitude and I warmed up to him considerably, especially when he learns to open up to Teak and accept and return his love.

I love Margie's lyrical writing style. The story flows well and is quite descriptive. I would enjoy her writing no matter what type of story she wrote. For her first venture into the world of male/male romance, I think she did quite well. I recommend 'Hard as Teak' to anyone who wants to enjoy a well written book with hot men and even hotter love scenes and, of course, a very happy ending. Thanks, Margie!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 189 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-July-2014
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