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Hangover and Out (Hangover 2) by Zakarrie Clarke at MLR Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 02-November-2018

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Callum and Daniel have flown home to face the music, management, press and public after waking in Vegas with a Hangover for life and very much Out. Cal has finally allowed himself to snatch the fate he craved more than he can permit its consequences to count; even a future beyond his control and his ability to safeguard it. Whether Callum can now survive the scrutiny of the Great British Public and press, Paul's proclamations of doom and the mind-boggling dexterity of the hellfire tongue, unleashed? Is quite another story...

Book Review

“I can't imagine how life would be without you you make the world complete; you mean the world to me, I can't live without you.” ~ Babee Star

Callum and Daniel, of 'Hangover and Out' by Zakariee Clark, are back home, very married, and their relationship is very out. Callum has worked so hard for his career that he can't help but be a bit worried about his fans’ reactions. His manager, Paul, who knows they are a couple, has warned Callum and Daniel not to come out, tells them that he will try to put a positive spin on it, but isn't encouraged. He had warned them of what may happen when the truth about their relationship is revealed but now that it is, he's working to make the best of it and hopes it doesn't blow up in their faces.

The first morning back, Callum is awakened by a loud banging on their door. When he finally answers it, he's inundated by what appears to be an entire florist shop full of flowers, along with a group of overly eager reporters, all clamoring for his attention. It's all Callum can do to be diplomatic and graceful, especially before his cuppa. When Daniel finally appears, he isn't disturbed by the chaos: he takes it all in stride. From all outward appearances, the initial response to the news of their marriage quells Callum's fears about losing all of his popularity. In fact, it seems to have enhanced it. Yet to come, however, is the biggest litmus test. How will the rest of the band react to Callum and Daniel keeping the real nature of their relationship a secret, even from them? Will this apparent lack of trust in their bandmates be surmountable, or will it be the end of the band as they know it? Initially, Callum expects them to be upset, but he has faith that the close friendship and shared experiences form a bond not so easily broken.

In an effort to “salvage” Callum's career, Paul begins setting up appearances and interviews to get them out there as a couple. It seems everyone is interested in getting an exclusive about how they got together and their plans for the future. Only one of the many interview events will be televised. The day the interview is scheduled, Callum has his doubts about his ability to reign in his “deadly beloved”, Daniel, who says whatever comes to mind. Callum doesn't necessarily want to silence Daniel. He wants him to express himself, but the situation will be more comfortable to keep him away from topics that are typically private, like Daniel's penchant for any opportunity to bring Callum's derrière into the conversation. Knowing that Callum might say something off-limits at any moment, Daniel decides that it will be best if he uses physical seduction to be near his husband.

There's so much more I want to say, but I'd have to go on for pages. I loved Callum and Daniel; their “endearments” are amusing, their love for each other inexplicable. They are unique and together, they complete each other. The excitement and fondness I have for the story comes from experiencing Callum and Daniel's journey from confusion, uncertainty, and fear, to deep, abiding love and trust. It was a hard-earned victory, but they made it. After all, relationships are seldom easy, but the trials and tribulations are worth the final results. Thanks, Zakarrie, for a lovely, zany, eccentric, serious, and beautiful love story.





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