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Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox at FoxTales

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Officers of the Law / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 15-November-2012

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A cop and a recovering addict – no chance for romance there.

Yet Vince, a street-hardened narcotics officer, is having to reassess his life. Six months ago, he hit rock-bottom. A bullet brought him down, and his beloved partner Jack betrayed him. Badly disabled and in constant pain, Vince is flying a desk these days, and it doesn't suit him at all. His world is looking grim when he meets Rowan Clyde, sole surviving witness to a vicious drugs-related killing.

Rowan doesn't want to talk. He's vulnerable, trying to hold his own life together in the wake of a crippling addiction. Vince should have no time for him, and Rowan certainly shouldn't trust a cop with an agenda to get him onto the witness stand at any cost.

Yet despite their differences, there's an instant pull of attraction between these two damaged men. Their new bond is put to the ultimate test on the tough streets of Newcastle during a dark northern winter, as each turns out to hold the keys to the other's survival – and to his destruction.

Book Review

“...The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy!” 'To A Mouse' by Robert Burns

Vince Carr thinks he has his life all planned out—a job he loves; a handsome, sexy boyfriend; his emotions in check in regards to his family; and an exciting promotion on the horizon. But life has a way of tossing our plans up in the air when we least expect it. Vince is taken down by a bullet in a raid gone wrong; not only is he physically disabled, but his emotional life takes a hit as well when his boyfriend deserts him. Everything he thought of as truth is slowly dissolving before his eyes. Vince is at a standstill and knows that it will take a great deal of reevaluation before he can get his life moving again.

Vince is a very complex person. He's compartmentalized his life; he doesn't even allow himself to question how he feels. If it doesn't fit in one of his boxes, tries to stuff it in anyway or completely rejects it. This approach works for a while, but after he's shot in the back, he's not the same person anymore. He has to dismantle his whole group of boxes and start over again, integrating the old Vince with the current one. He begins to see just how damaged he is. It takes meeting someone who is loving, gentle, and giving for him to realize how much he's been missing and how desperately he needs a change. Loving Rowan releases all his inhibitions about not being loveable or being able to love someone. Vince sees who Rowan is and it makes him want to be a better person. He wants to feel as if he deserves Rowan's love and devotion.

Rowan is an amazing person. He's broken, but struggling to put things back together, to face the world head-on, without relying on the distance that being high on drugs brings him. It's a very difficult thing to do, definitely not the easy road, but Rowan really wants to live a normal life, one he can be proud of. He wants to be able to express his true self though his art, not the disoriented-drug laden maniac that he is when high. He wants it to be real, honest. He needs to know that he can do it as himself. Rowan's love for Vince only intensifies this feeling. Rowan is gentle and considerate and very perceptive. He sees Vince's pain through his tough exterior, both physical and emotional. Rowan treats Vince as he should be treated by giving to him and not just taking.

There's a lot to follow in this story, but its lyrical, crisp, clear writing helps to make the journey exceptionally satisfying. I especially love Harper's descriptions, which tell a story within themselves, not just exhibiting the sights and sounds around them, but adding to the mood: “I was at once tautly focused and aware of all the scents, sounds and visions of the night—seagulls mewing, their cries bouncing off the metal warehouse roofs all around, their wings catching dull, eerie orange light from below.” The respect Rowan and Vince show each other, the lengths they go through to express their love, are so poignant. The emotion, the tenderness between them is so precious, sensual, and loving that it made me wish that everyone in love could feel the way they feel about each other. Not that their path is a bed of roses; it definitely is not, but the loyalty and dedication they have is outstanding and definitely worth the trouble. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story with mystery, intrigue, roughness, gentleness, angst, adventure; reminding us that loving another person changes our lives for the better. Thank you, Harper, for another brilliant story.





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