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Guarding His Heart (Bad Boy Security 1) by R. Cayden

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 06-April-2020

Book Blurb

A broken man, down on his luck and forced into a job he never wanted...

After a couple decades playing bodyguard for mobsters, Declan thought he'd finally managed to retire. Too bad his old boss had another idea.

At least the gig looked easy. Watching over some scientist with a rich father, secluded off in a mansion in the woods. Declan didn't expect much more than quiet, boring days.

Then came the intruders. Home invaders with secret conspiracies? Those he could handle.

But love? Never saw the damn thing coming.

A young scientist, determined to do right in a dangerous world...

Sebastian's path in life was set the second his father shipped him off to schools for the gifted.

Devoted to his research, he pretended the outside world didn't exist at all. He had everything under control, until the day a threat surfaced: a plot to kidnap Sebastian and demand millions in ransom for his release.

Enter the bodyguard. Twenty years older, with silver hair, gleaming eyes, and tattoos crawling up his muscles. A man who growled when he talked and promised to keep Sebastian safe.

Declan built walls around his heart, and shy Sebastian knows not to fall for a man like that. But as the flames between them grow hotter, will Sebastian learn to open his own heart in time for something real to finally break through?


Book Review

This was a decent read. I will be honest, I was expecting it to have more of a danger aspect but honestly it was anticlimactic in most ways. Nevertheless, it was still a good romance read. I love the “whole” opposites attract idea. 


Declan was not expecting when he lost everything he had in a poker game to have to repay the loss by going back into the bodyguarding game. But that is what happens. The loss of all his money - and then some - leaves him with no choice but to take the job.


Sebastian has lived the life of a hermit for the most part. He has his best friend Alexandria and his work in his lab, but that is about all. He has never even had a boyfriend, but honestly, he does not have time for one. When a threat against him arises, Declan is brought in to protect him. Unfortunately for Seb, he finds himself attracted to this very different man. 


Declan cannot help but to start falling for Sebastian. He is so different than he expected him to be. He is not the spoiled rick kid he figured he’d be dealing with. He is sweet and caring. He has a high set of morals that Declan normally does not find attractive but with Seb, he just can’t help himself.


As the attraction between the two men grows, so does the realization that someone definitely wants something that Sebastian has. The question is, what is it they are after? Can Declan figure out where the danger is coming from and who is behind it and why before it is too late?


I loved the romance part of the read, but wish there had been more danger. I look forward to more by R. Cayden in the future. 



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Format ebook
Length Novel, 226 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-February-2020
Price $3.70 ebook
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