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Grizzly Affair (Bureau of Paranormal Affairs 1) by Dulce Dennison at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Officers of the Law / Interspecies / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-October-2017

Book Blurb

With a rogue shifter on the loose leaving a trail of bodies, it isn't the best time for bear shifter, Roarke Hilliard to have his heat cycle. Especially since he's the lead Special Agent on the case. But nature must take its course. When his partner, agent Spencer Malloy, places himself in Roarke's path during his greatest time of need, the bear is worried he might break the human. But Spencer wants Roarke badly... bad enough to call in a paranormal escort.


Grigore Gabor may be a male escort, but he's never slept with any of his clients... until now. The moment the wolf shifter gets a whiff of the bear who hired him, and his human companion, he knows he's found his mates. But getting the surly ursa to agree is another matter.


With a killer on the loose, now isn't the time for finding true love. With Roarke handicapped by his heat cycle, there's only so much the agents can do against the rogue shifter. They can only hope to bring the man to justice before another body is found.


Book Review

There are times when a blurb will just jump out at me and I can’t begin to explain why ‘Grizzly Affair’ did. Perhaps it’s the idea of agents with a Paranormal Bureau, the idea of one of them - a male, no less - having his work performance hindered by hormones, or it’s the idea of a bear, a wolf, and a human, all coming together as mates. Who knows? Something hooked me and I was happy to settle down with this short read.

I liked Roarke and his partner, Spencer, very much from the get-go. It can’t be easy to chase a homicidal hybrid shifter across multiple states with little to no information. Much like any of the alphabet agencies, BPA is just as concerned with closing cases, with as little negative publicity as possible, and tight purse strings. They do know their killer is part bear shifter which means he’ll be going into mating heat very quickly, just like Roarke, which will probably intensify his killing spree.

Spencer has wanted Roarke for a long time now, but Roarke isn’t about to risk their working partnership, regardless of how much he lusts after the human. Spencer figures if he can be the one Roarke spends his mating heat with, then they’ll both be happy, and maybe, just maybe, Roarke will re-evaluate a relationship. Roarke gravely underestimates his heat cycle and Spencer is more than happy when Roarke relieves a heat with him, but since the grizzly could easily go through ten or twelve more during the night, they agree to call a shifter escort service so that Spencer doesn’t run the risk of being injured.

Grigore is a Romanian wolf, a breed that is almost extinct, and since he refused to breed with a woman, his family shunned him and he came to America. It’s his lucky night as it turns out both these men are his mates. Grigore can’t figure out why Roarke hasn’t told Spencer they’re mates, but Grigore figures he’ll wait a bit before mentioning all of this. It’s just as well. The three men are pretty busy for a long night of hot sex. Oh, and catching one killer, at least.

My only complaint is that I really wish this had been longer in order to get more backstory on the three main characters. The murders and police procedurals was fairly well done, and I certainly enjoyed the pairing of these three very diverse personalities. I would be interested in reading the next installment in the series. I’ll be curious to see if the author stays with this triad or brings in new main characters. All in all, an entertaining, very hot, quick read.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 50 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-September-2017
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