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Goodnight (Rebel Sky Ranch 1) by Kelly Fox

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Cowboys / Rent Boys/Escorts/Porn Stars / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 21-July-2021

Book Blurb

I’m a cam boy who officially identifies as Wrangler-sexual. It’s entirely the fault of Trip Goodnight, the strapping cowboy at the ranch next door. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be the father of my two-point-five children. 


We’re an unlikely pairing, what with him being straight and me being a gay sex worker, but those, darling, are mere details. When he saves me from a literal nest of rattlesnakes, it’s nothing if not true love. I’m aiming for a spring wedding.

While it’s true that I haven’t been able to let a man touch me since I was attacked last year, and there’s no telling what my father might do if he manages to find me, I’m not letting any of that stop me.


In fact, I’ve stolen Trip’s cowboy hat and used it in one of my videos, so I’m already well on my way to making him mine. Besides, he’s the first man outside of my found family who’s made me feel safe. Protected. 


That’s gotta count for something...right?


I was born and raised on Rebel Sky Ranch, and working with the horses is the one thing I’m meant to do in this world. The ranch has had a rough go of it, but in the long, terrible year since my mother’s death, meeting Sam is the one bright spot.


He reminds me of the horses we rescue. Scarred, skittish, and…strong. Beautiful.


He’s a bit of a hat-stealer, and, truth be told, I’m a little leery of his chosen profession. But if that scar on his face is any indication, he could use somebody at his back. I aim to be that person.


And yeah, some of my parts get confused by the fact that he’s all delicate and sparkly, but that’s not important, even if the good hand lotion has somehow made it into the tack room.


I just hope he knows that he’ll always be safe with me.


Book Review

“Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.” ~ Alice Walker


Trip, of ‘Goodnight’ by Kelly Fox, has always been a “knight in shining armor” with a penchant for rescuing people who need it. So when he helps his new neighbor, Sam, and his brother escape from a rattlesnake nest, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for Trip. However, it convinces Sam that he is in love with the handsome cowboy and Sam soon plots to make Trip his own.


After rescuing Sam from the rattlesnakes, Trip feels guilty for not warning his new neighbors about the previous owners’ choice to put a path in an unsafe area. He introduces himself and apologizes. Trip doesn’t quite know what to think of Sam, but he feels an odd attraction to the sparkly young man in the strange clothes. While heading back to the farmhouse, they encounter a massive SUV with the rest of Sam’s brothers in it. After introductions and profuse thanks from Sam’s family, Trip places Sam in the back seat, tips his hat, then leaves.


Sam keeps the hat Trip gave him to wear and involves him in the fantasies he uses in his profession, making x-rated videos. His ratings go through the roof when he talks about “his cowboy”. The cowboy fantasies intrigue viewers as they speculate whether the stories are fiction or reality. Sam is careful about his anonymity, using special accounts and a pseudonym. Sam lives in fear of his conservative, bible-thumping father, who he ran away from when Sam discovered he was going to send him to conversion camp. He isn’t sure what his father would do to him if he finds him, but he knows it will not be good.


The next day, Trip buys a bouquet and drives next door to check on Sam. When he arrives, he sees Sam coming across the yard. He walks over to greet him, but Sam startles. Not for the first time, Trip wonders what happened in Sam’s past that has him so skittish. It reminds him of some horses at his ranch that were abused. Instinctively, he gives Sam more room. Trip doesn’t understand why the shy, confident young man he met the day before is suddenly wary of him, but he intends to find out. He also wonders why Sam evokes thoughts he has never had about a man such as that Sam is cute, that the gender-bending clothes he wears make him look sexy, or why he would want to touch Sam’s hair. It’s not that he is homophobic or anything. His mom was bisexual and two men at his ranch are openly gay. Being gay or bi is just not something he had ever considered. As time goes by, Trip finds himself inclined to find out.


‘Goodnight’ is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a while. Trip’s dialect added a great deal to the story as did Sam’s language and phrasing. I loved the snark, the innuendos, and the complexity of the plot. Sam’s profession was a bit concerning to me, but it was an integral part of the story. I loved the suspense and the twists and turns in the narrative. Trip was strong and sexy. His “revelation” was serious and funny at the same time. His acceptance of others was exceptional. Sam was quirky, brave, and adorable. He and Trip couldn’t have been more different, but in the end, love finds a way. Thanks, Kelly. I’m looking forward to reading book two in the series!






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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 233 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-June-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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