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Gay Erotica Volume 1, edited by James Hunt at Constable & Robinson

Genre Contemporary / Gay Erotica
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-July-2013

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He was a one-man wrecking crew, an occupational hazard to his workmates on the roofing crew. But his ultra-understanding boss saw something in the error-prone, unco-ordinated man, and was determined to make him safe...

BOB & CAROL & TED (BUT NOT ALICE) by M. Christian
Bob's sexy wife encourages him to talk about his gay affair with a college friend, knowing it's going to make him rock hard for her. Just as she's about to get her reward, their friend Ted turns up at the house. What a perfect opportunity to put fantasy into practice!

There's the right husband for every naturally inclined 'wife' as our young man discovered. It's just a matter of finding him. And then accepting that a 'wife' must sometimes be taken in hand - for his own good.

RIDING THE RANGER by Julian Benedict
A beautiful young man who happens to be a double amputee is accustomed to attracting a significant number of men who are sexually aroused by the combination of his beauty and his handicap. Yet it is not until he has an incomparable sexual experience with a forest ranger on an evening flight in a Boeing 777 that he discovers what it's like to be royally fucked.


Book Review

Exactly what the title promises, this collection of four gay erotica stories is fun, hot, experimental, and kinky in turn. With a variety of themes and situations, the common denominator is the heat of these interactions, and I think there's some fun entertainment here for a range of tastes. All four stories are super short, but give a good sample of each writer's style. If you like the hot and short form of entertainment, you'll probably like this collection.

Fumbler on the Roof
We all know at least one super-clumsy person who always manages to stumble over their own feet, run into things, or wipe stuff off unsuspecting tables. Now, imagine that person, only worse, as a construction worker and you have Timmy. New at working construction, he almost destroys the entire work site all on his own. Luckily, he has some redeeming qualities, and his boss, Doug, discovers them on the first day of work. It's overtime for Timmy and Doug, and boy, does the heat rise between them. If you're looking for some quick, hot action with a touch of humor, you'll probably like this short story.

Bob & Carol & Ted (but not Alice)
This is the tale of a very naughty threesome. Bob is bisexual and happily married to Carol, but she is curious about his gay side and invites Ted over for some play. The three get on famously, and all are satisfied by the end of the "session". If you'd like to explore your bi side, you'll enjoy this one.

Disciplinary Love
Written in the form of a confession, or a diary entry, this short story gives a taste of the narrator cheating on his older lover and getting spanked for it. Still very loving, this story is by no means about harsh discipline, and stays just this side of sexy. If you're curious about the hot kink of hands on bare buttocks, you might like this short story.

Riding the Ranger
Dorian and Paul are work colleagues who are extremely aware of each other but have never done more than talk. Dorian, with two amputated legs and titanium prosthetics, is a little shy, but has never lacked men's attention. When they both take the same flight Paul, the older of the two, takes the initiative and what ensues is some of the hottest airplane sex I have ever read. If you like older-younger pairings, and if you're looking for some very intense activities that entitles the two men to joining the mile-high-club and then some, you will probably like this short story.






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Length Anthology of 4 Short Stories, 25 pages
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