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Gabriel (Legacy Ranch 2) by RJ Scott at Love Lane Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Rent Boys/Escorts/Porn Stars / Disability / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-September-2017

Book Blurb

Trapped in darkness, can an escort find a man to help him into the light?


Gabriel Reyes never gave in. He fought and was hurt, was abused but escaped with his life. He made his way in the world using the one thing he was good at: sex. He earned a place with a man who controls everything but Gabriel is safe; he’s made it.


Cameron Stafford hires Gabriel for a night, needing nothing more than a pretend boyfriend to get his dysfunctional family off his back. With the money he has in the bank and his own hotel, why won't they just leave him alone? It doesn’t matter that a degenerative disease has stolen his vision, or that his last boyfriend was a bastard who tried to steal from him; for now he has purpose.


When Gabriel and Cam fall for each other, can they find real happiness and, maybe, a forever that will save them both?



A new story set in the world of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes and the Double D Ranch, Texas.


Author's Note: Please be aware: emotional and physical abuse are depicted on the page in this book

Book Review

This second story in the ‘Legacy Ranch’ series, a spinoff of the ‘Texas, Campbell-Hayes’ books, is just as touching, disturbing, emotionally draining, nerve-rackingly suspenseful, and ultimately rewarding as the first. It is set mostly in Dallas, but the Legacy Ranch and the wonderful characters there, like Kyle and Jason from the first volume, play a crucial role. The focus of this novel is on two men trapped in darkness – one because he is almost blind and the other because he cannot get out of an abusive relationship, mainly because he can’t even see and admit to himself that what he faces is abuse of the worst kind.

Gabriel touched me on so many levels, I am having a hard time trying to express how much his story affected me. For the longest time, I was just angry on Gabriel’s behalf. The suffering he went through for years before the trial of his abusers was bad enough, but even afterward, Gabriel just can’t catch a break. And even though he has moments of clarity, when he admits that his “savior” is abusing him, his dependence is so deep and his self-confidence so low, that he keeps returning to a man who is really his pimp and almost kills him more than once. It takes a long, long time and a lot of suffering for Gabriel to take the step of asking Kyle for help and even then, he intends to return to his abuser as soon as his physical situation allows.

Cam has a whole lot of trouble all his own. He has been going blind since he was twelve, but he copes with the situation with determination and is very capable of taking care of himself. Not only that, he is running one of the family hotels, left to him by his grandfather, and it is the most profitable one in the entire family. His arrogant father and nasty brother-in-law don’t see it that way, and they intend to take the hotel from Cam ‘for his own good”. Grrrr! Cam ends up hiring Gabriel to “play” his boyfriend, just to get the idiots off his back, but there is clearly more between the two men than a business arrangement.

Gabriel and Cam sure have a hard time. Under attack from every angle, neither of them believes they are “fit” to be in a relationship with the other. Cam has money, but his ex tried to steal from him, so Cam is super wary – although his loyal friend and bodyguard is even more careful. Gabriel, while he is attracted to Cam despite telling himself he should not fall for a client, isn’t ready to be in a relationship before he deals with his past, his issues, and begins to accept and love himself. The realism and sensitivity with which the author has written this story is amazing, and it had me spellbound the entire time.

If you like deeply emotional stories about wounded men who need saving – from themselves as much as from others, if you believe that everyone deserves a second chance – and some more than others, and if you’re looking for a read that is as disturbing as it is realistic and might just make you cry, then you will probably love this novel as much as I do. It’s an excellent continuation of the series and worth every anxious moment of wondering how this harrowing story is ever going to end well. Simply fantastic!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 236 pages/55800 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-August-2017
Price $4.29 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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