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Gabe's Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 4) by Shannon West at Secret Cravings Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 03-October-2012

Book Blurb

Gabe is a typical young college student until the night he and his mother are attacked by a beast who kills his mother and leaves Gabe for dead. When Gabe discovers the beast who bit him was a werewolf, and shifts into a beast like creature at the full moon, he leaves his home and descends into a nightmare of drugs, alcohol and one night stands. As he’s camping in the woods, preparing for the painful shift to come, he meets a the gorgeous alpha of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack who tells Gabe he’s trespassing on his territory. Before Gabe knows it, he’s been trussed up, thrown over the man’s shoulder and taken as the mate of the alpha. Gabe embraces his new role as mate to the handsome Zack, but if the alpha thinks the wild young man will settle down, he’s got another think coming.


Book Review

With another involuntary change of a human into werekin, this one via a brutal attack of an unsuspecting young man by a rogue, the story kicks off with a battle for the changed human. Gabe does pretty well for a whole year, and that may explain not only his reluctance to be dominated once his mate, Alpha Zack, finds him, but also his success at evading those attempts pretty successfully. It made me grin to see one of those macho dominants really struggle with a far more equal partner than was the case in earlier volumes. A very nice change indeed!


Gabe is an interesting guy, a mix between independently capable, stubbornly resistant to attempts to make him "obey", but at the same time, he longs for a partnership with the good-looking Zack. His attraction to the alpha is undeniable, but he doesn’t let that influence him into immediate submission. Well, not much. He does submit – but he does it on his terms and as and when he feels like it. Good for him! Except - when real emotion takes over, and he is forced to look at himself honestly there is something there for him to learn. Deep internal conflict follows and that process turns out to be the real challenge for Gabe. Being honest with yourself is never easy, and some of us need more "help" than others.


Zack is more than a bit lost. He is just as attracted to his mate as the werewolves in previous books have been, but he has a more difficult task learning how to deal with his pet's particular ideas of what they should be like as a couple. None of the "traditional" measures work, and Zack has to be creative and remain on his toes to keep up with Gabe. I have to say, he does amazingly well and even though he is very strict, I have to admit nothing much else would have worked with Gabe; I ended up respecting Zack more than I thought.


Some of the characters from earlier books come back as well, and it was nice to catch up with them. The plot with all its twists and a few revelations was interesting, and the fact that the villain was slightly different from previous books made this story more interesting on yet another level. If you like stories that are a precarious balance between D/s and real emotion taking over the role of the "chains" that bind mates together, if you enjoy a physically weaker guy who stands up to his "macho" mate and does it well, and if you like two strong men fighting it out before they figure out how to live together, then you will probably like this story.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 111 pages/33459 words
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Publication Date 10-September-2012
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