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Full Moon Dating: New Moon by Julia Talbot at TurtleHat Creatives

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 12-September-2017

Book Blurb

Full Moon Dating: Dating and Mating for Shifters and More!

Matchmakers Stone and Harve vow to find a mate for even the toughest to match shifter or vampire. New Moon includes four novellas featuring werewolves, vampires, and were-kitties searching for their other halves, no matter how challenging. 

Aiden and Ben: After these wolves get together, Aiden doubts he’s found his match. Ben knows better, but can he convince Aiden to stay? 

Coy and Denver: City wolf Coy isn’t sure he wants to give up control. Denver is just the vamp to give Coy what he needs, but their match creates a whole new set of problems for the dating agency.

Evgeny and Feng: Tiger Evgeny worries his sheer size and strength turns off most lovers. Snow leopard Feng is an acrobat used to working without a net, but when he disappears Evgeny doesn’t know if he can close the distance between them soon enough to help. 

Gage and Hamish: Gage is an impossible bottom. No one can tame this cat, but bear shifter and effortless Top Hamish is certainly willing to try. 

Harve and Stone hope their success rate is 100%, but the path to true love is never easy.

First Edition published by OmniLit/All Romance eBooks, 2016.

Book Review

Aiden and Ben
I loved this unusual and hot story about two wolf-men hooking up by way of a dating service for paranormals. The story is given an especially erotic twist through the author’s ability to provide a distinctive “voice" to each of the leads, which showcased their individual personalities vividly.

Aiden, a rather withdrawn red wolf wins a dating contest from Full Moon dating service and is sent on a free trip to Wyoming to meet his “date.” Aiden is a city wolf, and uses his skills as a freelance photographer to make his living. Sometimes he gets a windfall from his work, but mostly he is used to pinching pennies, so despite his certainty that the date will be a wash, a free trip is nothing to sneeze at, besides pictures of Wyoming might pay off big time. Living amongst the human population, Aiden has also adapted to skimping on some of his wolf needs, like red meat, shifting between full moons, and even sexing with others of his kind. When he arrives at the restaurant where he’s to meet his date, he immediately notices the handsome, ultra-masculine cowboy who is sitting by himself, but he’s also pretty sure that the guy is here for some female. But before Aiden gets his bearings, the smoking hot cowboy, Ben, is herding him to a table.

Ben for his part takes one sniff of the little red wolf and is smitten, and within a few moments he knows Aiden’s wolf is drawn to him; so it’s just a matter of getting Aiden the human to…comply, get out of the way…or submit.

I loved both of these seriously appealing characters and their story. Julia Talbot provides just the right touch of mystery and intelligence to each of her charismatic leads, illustrating both their human and wolf sides magnificently, which results in a taut, sizzling little Dom-sub tale. Personalities and lifestyles are gifted to the reader in attractive little glimpses and clues that make each character immensely appealing and the story very erotic. Anyone who is into sharp, steamy hot, one-shots, well, this is one not to be missed.

Thank you, Julia Talbot, for this lovely sweetmeat of a short. “Tasty, Sexy, Sizzle”

Coy and Denver
The second short in the clever 'Full Moon Dating' series does not disappoint. Its opening passage provides a stimulating reintroduction to the working dynamics between the employees of the paranormal dating service and serves as a tasty appetizer to a delicious installment.

Werewolf Coy has worked hard to maintain his alpha status in the large city he inhabits. Still all work and no play makes for no fun at all so when Full Moon Dating announces it’s found a date for him in Colorado, he decides it’s a good opportunity for a vacation. Finding out that he’s been paired with a posh bloodsucker, Coy adjusts his plan. The service got it wrong—pairing him with a smoking hot vampire? No way this can be more than a hookup. He’ll meet the guy, hopefully get laid, and spend the rest of his vacation running in the mountains. Armed with his shiny, new truck Coy drives to Colorado to meet Mr. Denver Allen, the supposed love match and is surprised to find that maybe, well, maybe the dating service isn’t crazy at all.

Denver and Coy’s story is luscious, steamy, and surprisingly full for a book of this length. The inclusion of subtle background material on each of the leads, a hint of a second romantic pairing, and an intriguing, suspenseful climax give this paranormal short some very real, um, bite. The romantic interludes between the leads were very seductive, strong in heat content, but showcasing some delightfully wry, comic moments. The combination of atmospheric imagery, pivotal mystery and a potent mix of paranormal and human sensuality make for a solid depiction of otherworldly hotness.

Thank you, Julia Talbot, I look forward to more of this succulent little series. “Smart, Juicy, Fun”

Evgeny and Feng
I absolutely loved this wonderful third installment of the ‘Full Moon Dating’ series! I admit, the pairing of a were-tiger (Evgeny) and a were-snow leopard (Feng) had me initially rolling my eyes a bit—mind you I am not a big paranormal fan. But OMG, these two were-men have got to be one of my favorite couples of 2014. They are so darn cute together. Honestly, I read the story twice, because even through it packs a big romantic punch for its seventy-eight page size, I wanted more of these two charismatic and ”bouncy” men.

Acrobat by trade, Feng Chen, comes to Santa Fe for his blind date, which has been set up by Full Moon Dating service. He’s pretty excited and when he gets a look at his date—he’s definitely ready to make it work. Large, muscular were-tiger Evgeny is hot, albeit a bit solemn, but Feng is sure he can bring out the playful cub in the big handsome lug. But will the weekend date be long enough to show Evgeny that this little snow leopard is just the mate for him?

Artist Evgeny Bodrov has had some trouble keeping lovers. As a were-tiger, he is more than large, he is powerful, ripped with solid muscle, and well, um, well-endowed. He’s learned to keep himself in check at all times lest he frighten potential lovers. Evgeny is especially careful when sexing because releasing his full, uh, enthusiasm has resulted in a few injured parties in the past. Basically not everyone can take what Evgeny can dish out, so although he’s instantly smitten by his blind date, he treads carefully hoping that the dating service got it right and that Feng is the one for him.

Gosh, I loved both of these characters! But for me it’s Feng who makes this story a winner. I was hard-pressed to imagine him as a man because the author was able to produce such a cute and magical snow kitten with her words.  Feng is such a lovely darling of a cat-man! So perky and pouncy and fun, yet he has an ingenious perceptive side to balance out his animated outlook. Evgeny is also amazing, and just as full of cat-ness, but I could definitely tell, he was larger and the more seasoned cat of the pair. Deliciously elegant, laid-back and attentive, Evgeny was tall, tiger, and handsome to a T, and a perfect foil to Feng’s playful kittenish persona.

The story takes you through their weekend date, which is seriously hot and sweet and full of catty, kitten smex—lots of romance and plenty of “romp and roll.” I am making a lot of cat references here, but I did not forget for one minute that these are two hot men. It’s just that the author was tremendously successful at melding the voices and personalities of both men to their were-cat. Kudos, Julia Talbot, what an amazing way with words! Don’t want to give out any spoilers, so that’s about all I can write. If you are looking for a fun, hot read, methinks this is a contender!

Thank you, Julia Talbot, your amazing [writing] series, is swiftly turning me into a real were fan!

“Rump, Romp and Roll, Purr-fection!”

Gage and Hamish
A delicious and decadent addition to the spicy ‘Full Moon Dating’ series, this episodic adventure of Hamish, a bear shifter, and Gage, a jaguar shifter, is both adorable and smoking hot. I gobbled down this tasty treat that reveals the story of a troublesome young submissive meeting his match in the unlikely form of a cuddly but dominant bear.  

Arriving on his date, Gage is fairly dismissive about Hamish being able to fulfill any of his needs, but he’s a polite kitty and plus there’s food, so he stays on the date and finds that the cute bear satisfies Gage in a way he’s never before experienced. Feeling vulnerable and impossibly stimulated, Gage runs from his feelings and Hamish. But soon the bear Dom is hot on his heels…at a gentle, leisurely and just perfect for Gage, pace.

I always enjoy the ‘Full Moon Dating’ stories. I get to be a fly on the wall of some very unusual first dates with some extremely, exotic and erotic pairings. Plus the author has a wonderful gift for melding marvelous animal nuances to her very human shifters, especially her cat shifters. All of the stories in the series are invigorating, well-written shorts, and are especially great when I want a lighthearted, snack-sized, steamy hot read.

Thank you, Julia Talbot, for this nifty new tale and for the adorable cattiness of Gage most especially!

“Cuddly, Sparkling, and Sizzling with a side of Yummy!”






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Format ebook
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Publication Date 08-March-2017
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