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Forgiving Pain (Omega Born 3) by CR Guiliano

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 04-September-2017

Book Blurb

Life had gotten complicated for Alpha Dryden. His alpha guardian, lead beta, and best friend had disappeared. A new threat, or three had surfaced, and to make things worse, he’d been challenged by several Border Pack wolves.

Once he’d saved his mate…again, he thought things would settle down, and he and Arri could enjoy their son. But it wasn’t to be, and Dryden was lost without Vann. A feeling he wasn’t enjoying. 

The pain of separation was more than he thought possible, and he wondered if it would ever go away, or if Vann would ever return.


Vann had run, but fate had caught up with him. Manipulated by the alphas of the pack he was hiding in, he had to struggle with his desire, and his wolf with Truin so close. But, fate was a bitch, and Vann found himself in a predicament he was unprepared to handle.

Just when he’d thought he might escape again, he was thrust into a situation he thought impossible, and his resolve was crumbling. 

Pain had been his constant companion since fleeing his pack, and his alpha. But now, there was hope, and Vann wasn’t sure he deserved it. But, just maybe, if he forgave the pain within him, that hope might blossom into something real.

Book Review

To say I have been waiting for Vann and Truin’s book is a mild understatement. It's more like I was nagging the author, feeling a little bad about that (not really, I'm lying), and hovering in wait until I could get my favorite characters all back together. I understood, in my mind, why Vann ran away after he, Arri, and Arrden were rescued from their kidnapping, but my heart just wanted to smack him. Dryden forgave him instantly for what Vann was forced to do after Arri gave birth to Arrden in that basement, and if it wasn't for Vann, Arrden would have died. Arri too, and Dryden would have gone feral and killed himself. Vann, however, couldn't live with his guilt and shame, so he took off heading west, leaving his alpha, his best friend, his pack, his role as lead beta, and as alpha guardian.

Vann made it all the way to the West Coast and has immersed himself into the Rainier pack, the only one willing to allow him to stay. Vann is alpha born, unbeknownst to him, so most alphas turned him away, fearing his strength and power. When Truin shows up, Vann rejects him as his mate, and Truin is so humiliated and confused about everything, but mostly about why Vann left the Woodlynn pack and hasn't returned. Vann is struggling as well since his bond with Dryden is just as strong as it always was, and Vann can feel all of Dryden’s emotions, still. The Rainier pack alphas send Vann, several others, and Truin on a scouting mission to several different packs looking for allies, much like Dryden has been doing. Now, if only Truin can get through to stubborn Vann.

“Truin was worthy of more than what Vann could give him. He deserved a mate who was clean, not tainted with an act so heinous, it made him less than honorable. Made him weak, and contemptible, vile and abhorrent. A mate who was so riddled with guilt, and shame, his heart had shriveled up, and was not capable of love, or caring. Both of which Truin had the right to expect from a mate.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, *coughcough* Woodlynn, Dryden has taken over as alpha to the Border pack (remember, the one Arri came from?), and now has four challengers to defeat in one day. Unfortunately, one of those is Kasp, a true sociopath born right at Woodlynn, but he disappeared years ago, much to his family’s relief. There's so much going on at Woodlynn it's remarkable. Rovyn and Anrean mated and are expecting twins, plus still discovering what Anrean’s omega powers are. Vann and Mia’s daughter - that no one knows is theirs - being an omega and a very strong one, along with alpha born is another mystery. There was so much to keep me deadly focused.

To be honest, there are a million more things I could talk about but it would all be spoilers and I really don't want to do that, I've already said too much. I'm grateful that I got the answers to Vann’s unusual bond with Dryden, who Vann’s father really is, how Turin could be half omega and not even know it, who Arri’s real father is, and why Arrden could shift from birth even though wolves don't shift until they're about twenty. Whew. Those unexplained things had been driving me crazy!

Absolutely loved, loved, loved, this book. Carah, I know you're working on book four, so get ready for more nagging. I'm very good at it. *grins*





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 248 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-August-2017
Price $4.75 ebook, $7.70 paperback
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