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Forbidden Desires by Kelly Yeakle at Evernight Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 01-August-2013

Book Blurb

When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her—in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment-phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath?

To Carmen, the wildly beautiful Dani is a new and exciting friend. What she hadn't counted on is the simmering desire she feels when in Dani's presence. As her relationship with her boyfriend sours, Carmen begins to wonder if there is more to Dani than she realizes.

Should she give in to this, the most forbidden of desires?


Book Review

This story has heart, a touch of class, and some life-changing shifts. It is also very sweet. Our main gals get introduced to each other on the first day of fall semester at a math class. They cordially shake hands and a jolt of electricity is palpably startling for the accounting major. She wonders if her new acquaintance felt that too? While each gal deals with life and times, as readers, I had the delightful pleasure of being right inside their heads as they try to keep an even keel and a more open mind. 

Dani is a stylish dyke who passionately but consistently moves from one love to the next as her days and locations swing and sway. Her current home, a gift from her wealthy parents after high school graduation, is her castle and main base of operations for work and school. Dani architects a pretty seamless cut with a summer love, which opens the playing field for a mega infatuation with Carmen upon first contact on day one of her math class. Dani is quite a stunner, definitely has a way with women, but also has a remarkably soft and deep core. I loved her.

Carmen, an accounting major at college, is sharing a house with her boyfriend and hopefully future husband, David. His job generates some real friction and pain for Carmen while adding a total flip-flop pressure along with her completely eye-opening and heart-flittering response to Dani. Carmen tries to come to terms with the possibility that she is bisexual while being torn apart by the love and pain caused by David. I truly wanted and hoped she would see the light and "grow a pair".

This story is nearly perfect for me. Personally, I found the super rapid turn of events between Carmen and David that clears a path for Carmen and Dani a bit difficult to believe. However, this is still a wonderful book. The people and events within this tale should not be missed, but experienced in their fullness and beauty. In the final analysis, this was a blast!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 43730 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-July-2011
Price $4.99 ebook
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