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For A Dragon's Touch (Highland Dragons 1) by Charlie Richards at Extasy Books

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-June-2013

Book Blurb

Two men. One wants to kill the dragon. One wants to capture it. Both have secrets.

When men from the northern town of Brock come to Adencass, sharing tales of a dragon, Ian MacGree thinks it’s a ploy to get out of sending their share of support. His father, Chieftain Goth, sends Ian to discover the truth. Never does he think the stories of a dragon terrorizing the area would be true until he runs into Roark, who claims to be a dragon hunter. Ian’s attraction to Roark is almost instantaneous, but as the second son of the chieftain, romance has no place in his life, for his father plans to wed him to another to seal an alliance. But he’s not the only one with secrets. When he discovers Roark’s, will their secrets bring them together or drive them apart?


Book Review

The combination of dragons and men in kilts had me rushing to buy this book, curious what kind of story Charlie Richards would come up with for the beginning of this new series. Let me tell you, based on what I have read here, it will be a good one! Set in a medieval-feeling Scotland-like environment, this story about a chieftain's second son and the dragon shifter he meets and falls for is a great mix between fairy tale and very hot paranormal story. A great start for this new series!

Ian is a man with responsibilities. As the second son of a clan chieftain, his purpose in life is to get married to gain his clan an alliance that will strengthen its position. Never mind that he isn’t interested in women, his father has decided for him and it Is his job to obey. Or is it? When Ian is sent to a remote village to check the rumors about a dragon terrorizing them, and meets said dragon and his pursuer, Ian's world changes. He is very attracted to Roark, but he cannot let his personal preference get in the way of his duty. So, he sets off for home.

Roark knows Ian is his "asda", the one he wants to bond with for life, the second he sets eyes on the human. He doesn’t get why Ian seems resistant, but when Ian explains about his responsibilities, he sort of understands. In theory. So he lets him go. Except another dragon is so enchanted with Ian they're far less noble and go after him. That, of course, is not acceptable and Roark's possessiveness (and beginning love) compel him to go after Ian to protect him. And thank God he does!

I really liked reading this tale of two very different realities clashing then melding together. This world is a promising one and I'm looking forward to the next installments. If you like the atmosphere of fantasy-like adventures and fairy tale-like endings, if you enjoy reading about men from different cultures clashing then learning to live together, and if you're looking for a fun, hot read, you will probably enjoy this novella as much as I did.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 105 pages/21443 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-June-2013
Price $3.99 ebook
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