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Firesong by Terry Milien at Less Than Three Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-February-2013

Book Blurb

Miller has a long history with fire, one he cannot forget as he was disfigured by it. So when the crippled, flying Sasha crashes into his home from exhaustion and burns the whole place down with his unchecked magic, he does the only thing he can think of: he runs into the raging flames and saves the unconscious creature.


Book Review

With a well-developed fantasy world and a creative storyline, this novella had me fascinated. Stories about fire-beings are fairly rare, and this one is a treat because it focuses on the issues arising when a crippled one mixes with humans. With the mythical being, or shifter in this story, based in fire and humans closer to water, that brings its own challenges. As a result the main characters couldn't be more different physically, yet they have both been hurt in the past and carry deep wounds.

Miller suffered burns to the face as a child, so he and fire are not exactly on good terms. Despite all of that, he still rushes into the flames caused by a meteor shower to save a stranger stuck in a crater in the middle of the conflagration. You've got to admire that sort of courage! Then he makes sure the stranger is okay, he nurses him back to health, and not even the distinct differences and specific issues can stop him from starting to develop feelings for the clearly non-human being.

Sasha has his own issues, hence his crash into Miller's house. I loved reading the parts in his point of view, the way he looks at humans and our world which is so different from his reality. The lack of control over his magic and fire are worrying him, but he makes an effort for Miller's sake. He doesn’t really understand how or why, but he is quickly falling for the human and wants to figure out how to make things work between them.

If you're looking for an unusual story with some really interesting world building, if you enjoy reading stories about men who are so different you'd think they'll never be able to work a s a couple, and if you're looking for an emotional, passionate read that will touch you deeply, you will probably like this short book.




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 8700 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-January-2013
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