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Fear by Edward Kendrick at Silver Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 24-September-2013

Book Blurb

Abused then beaten almost to death by his lover, Shawn lives in fear until Doc Gene comes into his life. When that happens, the two men learn that caring for someone can lead to healing--for both of them.

Shawn Mathews is in an abusive relationship, spurning all attempts to help him until his lover almost beats him to death.

Doctor Gene Collins understands what Shawn has gone through, so after the beating he takes the young man under his wing, trying to help him to regain control of his life and live without fear.

In the process, each man learns it is possible to care for someone and that caring can lead to healing--for both of them.


Book Review

This is a book about abuse and its consequences, ranging from physical to emotional and mental, so it is not an easy read. However, it is written with clear understanding of situations like this, and a huge amount of compassion for the men affected. And what I really liked about it is that it took me through all the stages of Shawn's fight to become an independent person and his own man. It didn’t sugarcoat anything and didn’t leave anything out. The story begins with the final stages of Shawn's abusive relationship, then took me through all the back-and-forth in the process of Shawn's recovery and his fight to make a life for himself. Yes, he had help, but, boy, did he need it!

Shawn is in a tough situation. Rejected by his parents, he left home when he turned eighteen, ran into Jared when he was twenty, and fell in love. Like any abuser, Jared manipulated him into believing nobody else loved Shawn (easy for Shawn to see based on his experience with his family), and making him totally dependent on Jared. It takes almost being beaten to death and left, bleeding, at a gas station for Shawn to begin to see what is actually going on. Even then it's very hard for him to see and truly believe Jared's violence wasn't his fault. Luckily, Shawn is a very strong man, and very determined!

Gene is a doctor in the town where Shawn and Jared work, and he's the catalyst for Shawn to start making changes. It was interesting to watch him NOT get involved on purpose. In the beginning I thought he just wasn't very interested, but it quickly becomes clear he has reasons for doing what he does. The biggest reason is that he's been through the same thing when he was younger, so he is uniquely suited to helping Shawn. It was fascinating to see the remainders of his own situation resurface as he got to know Shawn.

To see how these two men started helping each other was beautiful. I loved how Gene encouraged Shawn to stand up for himself, and how Shawn made Gene realize he could, maybe even should, have more of a social life. Their growing respect and love for each other became the centerpiece of the second half of the book. If you like stories about men who have to learn to stand up for themselves, if you enjoy reading stories about two wounded souls helping to heal each other, and if you're looking for a read that goes from pretty brutal (in its implications, if not the actual detail) to wonderfully loving and tender, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 189 pages/36644 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-September-2013
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