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Familiar Demon (Familiar Love 2) by Amy Lane at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Angels & Demons / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Magic / Psychic Powers / Shifters / Wizards & Witches / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 25-February-2019

Book Blurb

For over a century, Edward Youngblood has been the logical one in a family of temperamental magical beings. But reason has not made him immune to passion, and Edward’s passion for Mullins, the family’s demon instructor, has only grown.


Mullins was lured into hell through desperation—and a fatal mistake. He’s done his best to hang onto his soul in the twisted realm of the underworld, and serving the Youngblood family when summoned has been his only joy. Edward concocts a plan to spring Mullins by collecting a series of items to perform an ancient ritual—an idea that terrifies Mullins. He can’t bear the thought of losing Edward and his brothers to a dangerous quest. 


But every item in their collection is an adventure in brotherhood and magic, and as Mullins watches from the sidelines, he becomes more and more hopeful that they will succeed. When the time comes for Mullins to join the mission, can he find enough faith and hope to redeem himself and allow himself happiness in the arms of a man who would literally go to hell and back—and beyond—to have Mullins by his side?


Book Review

“I’m not trying to kill either one of us,” Edward said shortly. “I’m trying to find a way for us to be together. You knew this. I told you about my plan.”
Mullins closed his eyes and wished for actual human hands so he could drag them through what used to be thick, curly brown hair. “You told me about your dream,” he said desperately. “I told you not to do it, because it was too dangerous.”

I was absolutely entranced when I read the first book in this series, ‘Familiar Angel’, because it was so much more than I had even imagined it could be. Here, in book two, I have Edward, the rational, logical brother who has slowly, over decades, fallen in love with his demon. And Mullins, a 400-year-old demon who, thankfully, was “mentored” in hell by Leonard which enabled him to keep his humanity and his soul, although he believes in neither. Edward is determined to get Mullins out of hell, much like Emma did with Leonard, but this mission is going to need the entire gang in order to succeed.

What follows is the most incredible treasure hunt I’ve ever witnessed. Leonard stole a page from Hell when he was still a resident there, and it lists all the items needed for a spell to get a demon permanently out of that realm. It’s how Emma freed Leonard and it’s what Edward plans on using to get Mullins out of there. Unfortunately, all the items that Edward had already gotten (secretly, I might add) ended up in the van that was burnt to pieces. Oops. So Edward must start all over except this time he has his brothers and Beltane – Emma and Leonard’s son - there helping because, frankly, they’re a little pissed he tried to do this alone.

“This new Mullins, this human man, was younger than Edward had expected—he must have been achingly vulnerable when seduced into the world of hell. His smile was shy and a little bit needy, and Edward wanted to give in to his every need. Shelter him from anything that might hurt him.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the direction the author took me in. I mean, this series is set in California and involves witches, angels, demons, and others. So why was I jolted (fabulously by the way) to see Edward, Mullins, Harry, Suriel, Francis, and Bel get sent to Green’s Hill? Where else can they possibly go to get some answers about elves, fairies, shifters, vampires, the Goddess (from the Little Goddess herself), and all manner of others? I was so delighted (amazed, stunned, ecstatic, and oh so grateful) to see Green, Cory, Bracken, and all my other favorites from the author’s ‘Little Goddess’ series. Of course, it was all such a revelation for Francis… and about him, too. And no, I’m not telling. Just know that I spent that portion of the book with stars in my eyes and a very happy heart. A huge thank you to Amy for letting me see my favorite characters interacting with new favorites, kicking ass, and taking names. Ah, Green’s Hill, it’s never boring.

Another incredible addition to the series. Truly. Edward and Mullins were lovely together and the vision of hell the author wrote is enough to keep me wondering about a great many metaphysical things in this crazy world. The ending blew me away in all of the best ways while leaving me totally yearning for Francis and Beltane’s story (it’s gonna be awesome).





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 241 pages/81963 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-February-2019
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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