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Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2) by Marcy Jacks at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 11-August-2014

Book Blurb

Beta wolf Tom Parker only wanted to protect his little brother. He didn't want to work for dragon hunting Templars. To make matters worse, one of the dragons he brought in is his destined mate.

Grant Hamilton is disgusted when a wolf comes to him for sex, although he cannot deny the lust he feels for Tom, who is handsome, so he will play along simply for the pleasure. But he also cannot deny the urge to protect Tom when the wolf helps him escape.

Now Tom is a captive amongst the dragons, and though he has his brother back, he is miserable because the mating is one sided, and Grant's entire clan hates his existence. Though Grant tries to stay away, he cannot, and when he learns that Tom mated with him before being ordered to by the Templars, he will do everything in his power to make up for bad behavior.


Book Review

This second book in the 'Of Dragons and Wolves' series is just as exciting, action-packed, and emotionally intense as the first. Some of the characters from the initial installment are back, and yes, the books do need to be read in sequence. The Templars are still up to no good, but I found out more details about exactly what they may be up to – no good at all, that much is certain. The main characters of Tom, a werewolf beta, and Grant, a dragon guard, had a brief appearance in book one, but they are the focus in this second book. They had me fascinated, since their issues were not easy ones to deal with. It just goes to show that, among other things, making assumptions and not talking about major problems is NOT the way to make a relationship work – especially not an interspecies one where all kinds of cross-cultural barriers raise their ugly heads on top of the “normal” ones.

Tom may be a beta wolf, but he does not submit to just anyone. And when his brother is kidnapped by the evil Templars to make Tom do their bidding, Tom’s main focus is figuring out how to free Brandon; after all, the kid is only four. When he walks past one of the imprisoned dragons in the basement of the Templar’s church, he is shocked to realize the man is his mate! And when the Templars pick up on is fascination and try to use it for their purposes, Tom ends up mating with Grant for real. The only problem is that he believe it to be one-sided, Grant has no idea what is going on, and the worry an lack of proper contact quickly make Tom sick. Tom knows he isn’t very good at understanding dragons’ behavior – but does he say anything? Ask some questions? Arghhh!

Grant  has no idea what hit him when he encounters Tom. Although he does not really like werewolves, this one has him thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts. So he goes along with what the man wants, only to discover that Tom, at great personal cost, frees him as well as his own brother when the time comes. Of course Tom ends up with Grant at the dragons' cave-based home on the mountain, and even though Grant is certain of the wolf's loyalty, many others in the lair atop the mountain are not. Grant sees Tom wither by the day but has no idea what the problem might be. He finally takes drastic measures, some of which he hates himself for, to make Tom talk. He has a lot to apologize for, but Tom might have very well died if Grant hadn’t acted, so I can’t really blame him for what he does. Luckily, neither can Tom.

If you liked the first book, if you enjoy watching the drama between two men who don’t only hesitate to talk about the important stuff but are culturally predestined to misunderstand each other’s signals, and if you’re looking for a read that is as suspenseful and interesting as it is emotional and hot, then you will probably like this novella. I loved it and really look forward to book three!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 31894 words
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Publication Date 14-June-2014
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